Mike He takes up family responsibilities, denies avoiding military duty

original source: Epoch Times
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net

After filming [Future Cops] last year and his father’s retirement, Mike He admitted: “My shoulders feel heavy [when supporting my family].” Although he will soon take up a new drama, Mike He still has to face the military draft. He commented that at the moment, he is able to juggle both studies and his career – he isn’t afraid of joining the military either.

Today, Mike He made an appearance for a makeup brand event. His “Prince Charming” style caused for many fans to call out nonstop. Mike joked that when he was small, he used to play with his mother’s makeup set. And then he scared himself when he accidentally applied too much to make his face all white.

After filming two movies in the first half of 2010, Mike He will soon collaborate with Janine Chang in [Xin Fu Zui Qing Tian/Happiness – The Sunniest Day]. Recently, the cast went to Nantou, Taiwan to observe the settings. When they passed by a tea field, they met the boss who enthusiastically presented Mike with teabags. Mike happily brought the gifts home to his parents. The drama will start filming at the end of April in Nantou.

After debuting 6 years ago, Mike He has always deposited his earnings into his parents’ bank accounts. He even bought a house and car for his family. Last year, his father decided to retire. As the eldest son, Mike He admitted: “My shoulders do feel heavy. Not only am I supporting the family, I’m also preparing myself to take no vacation this year.”

While supporting his family with one shoulder, Mike He also has to confront another issue – fulfilling his military duty. After studying for 6 years and still not graduating, it is as if he is avoiding the draft by prolonging his graduation date. Actually, this also includes Ethan Ruan, Bobby Dou etc.. They all seem to fear that their fans will change hearts once they go to the military. When Mike He was asked about his military duty, he acknowledged that many of his relatives are military men so he does not fear joining. Also, if he doesn’t join, his relatives will laugh at him. Mike also added that he juggles school with his career by taking two easy classes every two days of the week.

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