Wu Chun warns of Facebook imposter

Wu Chun warns of Facebook imposter

WU Chun, Brunei’s own famous movie star and singer in the Asian region, has advised his fans to be wary of an imposter posing as him on the popular Internet social network site Facebook.

In a recent interview, Wu Chun who has returned to his hometown in Brunei Darussalam to celebrate Chinese New Year after the successful release of “14 blades” which also stars Donnie Yeh, said, “I would like to advise my fans to be careful of an imposter who is posing as me on Facebook because I don’t have a Facebook account or MSN.”

He added, “With the busy schedule of movies and singing, I don’t have any time to join the popular network site.”

Yesterday, heartthrob Wu Chun celebrated Chinese New Year in a grand fashion with fans and staff of Fitness Zone.

Besides handing out red packets to his staff at Fitness Zone, Wu Chun also lit fireworks to liven up the celebration.

A lion dance troupe from Chung Hwa Middle School also thrilled Wu Chun and his fans.
Wu Chun also donned a “lion’s head” to showcase his lion dance skills.


Wu Chun a rising star in movies

James Kon Feb 14th, 2010

Brunei’s very own global movie star Wu Chun has revealed that he fancies charity work this year, following his appearance in the box office hit, ‘14 Blades’ that starred Donnie Yeh.

Back in Brunei for a short break, Wu Chun took time off from his family to speak to Borneo Bulletin. He said, “I would like to focus more of my time for charity this year following the success of the movie 14 Blades. Recently in China, money has been collected from ten cinemas on 14 Blades and channelled to help the Haiti Earthquake victims. I felt that I could do more to help people in dire need.”

” If there is any local charity that needs my help, I would like to be involved,” he said.

His latest role in the martial art thriller ‘14 Blades’ as ‘Judge of the Desert’ has won even more fans over. Currently the movie directed by Daniel Lee and starring Chinese martial arts star Donnie Yeh has surpassed RMB$100 million in China while elsewhere, the movie has scored.

Wu Chun who recently received the Asia Star Award in South Korea last month at the Korea Model festival awards, the only non-Korean winner, described his role in 14 Blades. Equipped with the moon-curved blades, Wu Shun was put in dangerous fight scenes in the movie. With Wu Chun insisting on doing most of his stunts, it was a decision that almost cost him his sight. “It was a close call, the explosion came off near me and I almost lost my eyesight.”

“(But) The movie gave me a chance to work with Donnie Yeh, an icon in Chinese martial art movies. He is also my favourite Chinese martial arts star and many in the Malay community here loved the movie. Donnie is a nice guy, always giving me advice on set and since we are fitness fans.

“I have received and is considering many scripts.”

One of the four members of band Fahrenheit, Wu Chun also said, “This year Fahrenheit will come up with a new album and a number of concerts.”

While back in his home country of Brunei to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Wu Chun will also be taking part in a blood donation drive next week as well as opening a third Fitness Zone located in Serusop. Following Wu Chun to Brunei are some 30 diehard fans from China, Korea and Taiwan.


Wu Chun goes back to see his wife in Brunei

The busy star finally gets some time off from promoting the new movie 14 Blades across Asia. Wu Chun is back in Brunei to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family. The first thing he did following his return was to take care of his “wife” – a Lamborghini that cost over 10 million (NTD). He spent eight hours to wash the car, perform maintenance and even give it a wax treatment all by himself. With his 3rd gym set to open in June, Wu Chun is estimated to be worth over 100 million after four short years in show business.

The black/grey Lamborghini was purchased by him as a birthday gift for himself last year. Wu Chun said the car is priced at 15 million in Taiwan, but only 9 million in Brunei. Since it was his birthday gift, he even spent another 30k to bid a license plate with the numbers “1010” to match his birthday (October 10th).

Wu Chun said, “This car looks like a batmobile, it can reach a speed of 300 km/h. I like the sense of speed and excitement. The sound of its engine is very rich, so I don’t listen to music when I drive and listen to the engine instead. I’m rarely home so the car only gets driven several times a year. My brother gets to drive it mostly, so he’s very lucky.” For that reason, Wu Chun would drive the car to attend radio shows when he is in Brunei. He has even taken a picture with it in front of the mosque.

Wu Chun took time to wax his car on the eve of the Chinese New Year. He said, “I wash and maintain the car myself. There are seven steps in total and it takes eight hours to complete. The wax was especially ordered from the US.” He treats his car like a family treasure with love and care. Even his family and friends would tease him, “You really love your car like it is your wife.”

After debuting four years ago, Wu Chun now has a 10-million sport car and a 3rd gym set to open soon. His movie 14 Blades has made over 100 million worldwide. With his career on the rise, he is estimated to be worth over 100 million. However, Wu Chun remains humble, “I have a strong urge to breakthrough this year. The first two years were more like experimentation. The past two years (gave me) a sense of achievement and made me feel that I can do better. In addition to studying dance and acting this year, I will do more in charities and community events to make use of my influence as an artist.”

Source: Liberty Times


Wu Chun in GQ Magazine - Taiwan

Rainie Yang is waiting for love

Source: China Times
Translation: http://featuredweekly.blogspot.com/ [Do not repost without credits!]

As a result of her older sister's marriage, Rainie has a new outlook on love, with her mother beginning to demand, "When are you going to give me a grandchild?" She revealed that her ideal partner needs to be constant, and her real life situation is the same as her famed love song "Ambiguous Love", based on the line "Ambiguous love makes people more greedy."

During her CD release last year, she had expressed, "I want to receive a new years text from a certain someone." In the new issue of Times Weekly, she once again revealed her wish for love, but because of her rationality any starts had no ends. "Even if it becomes likely again, I still feel that it will never work out. I think that this reasoning stems from the lack of security."

She is a self-proclaimed shallow person. "Although I will not fall hard in a relationship, that doesn't mean I don't have a good heart. It means that in comparison, I would rather be shot dead with one bullet than slowly choked to death." Most girls love hearing their boyfriends say "I love you", but Rainie dislikes it. "Previous boyfriends would say, 'We will be together for a lifetime.' Although my heart is happy, my rationale will quickly pop into my head and say, 'Will we really be that in love?'"

This kind of unique state of mind differentiates her from other 25 year old women hoping for love, even when posing for Chanel and Fendi's Spring/Summer Line, she chooses poses of high difficulty. In one pose, she holds a high heel in one hand, showing her classiness and recklessness. She also arches her back, which although easy for professional models, it is seldom seen in shoots with other female celebrities.

She wears a pink silk Chanel camellia printed dress, which features a small butterfly knot on the side to show off her womanly aura. On her other dress, which is composed of a tweed material, there are Art Deco designs on the top, giving it the feeling that there are two sections to her outfit. Before Rainie, no artist had ever worn the Fendi beaded geometric patterned top and white 3D lily-shaped skirt. The top is almost transparent, which is luckily covered by her long hair, added on with her arched back pose surrounded by outstretched arms, Rainie pulls off this look beautifully.

Adam Lambert, Ke$ha 'joke about kiss'

Adam Lambert and Ke$ha have reportedly joked about the recent revelation that they shared a kiss at a nightclub.

The former American Idol star claimed to have "made out" with 'Tik Tok' singer Ke$ha during an interview with Long Island's WBLI In The Morning last week.

In a Twitter message to Lambert over the weekend, Ke$ha joked: "Kiss and tell... You little s**t, secret's out then!"

He replied: "'So good I kiss and tell... I got no lies, I got no love'. Well I couldn't help myself! You're cute!"

Lambert previously joked to Just Jared that Ke$ha "tasted like Goldschl├Ąger and maple syrup", while Ke$ha claimed that he "tasted like blueberries and champagne".


Ryan Phillippe, Abbie Cornish split

Ryan Phillippe, Abbie Cornish split

Abbie Cornish has reportedly split from long-time boyfriend Ryan Phillippe.

According to People, a representative for the Bright Star actress has confirmed the separation.

"Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home," the spokesperson is quoted as saying.

Cornish - who met Phillippe on the set of 2006's Stop-Loss - was allegedly seen moving her belongings out of their Los Angeles home over the weekend.

A representative for Phillippe, who has two children with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, has reportedly yet to comment.


Johnny Depp Speaks Out for Convicted Trio

Last year, Johnny Depp played John Dillinger, a one-time inmate who escaped from prison in "Public Enemies." Now he's trying to help others find freedom. The actor is raising awareness of an attempt to secure a new trial for three inmates, who he feels have been wrongly convicted. Depp will be appearing on "48 Hours Mystery" this Saturday to make his case.

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were convicted of the gruesome May 1993 killing of three West Memphis, Arkansas, children. The convicted trio was dubbed the "West Memphis 3." Citing a mishandled crime scene, a botched investigation, and the media scrutiny surrounding the case, many - including Eddie Vedder and Depp's former girlfriend Winona Ryder - believe the three accused were wrongly convicted. Even Rick Murray, the father of one of the victims, Christopher Byers, has expressed doubts about the guilt of the "West Memphis 3."

On the show, Depp says, "I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent. It was a need for swift justice to placate the community." Depp continues, "Damien Echols is on death row to be killed by lethal injection." At the time of their arrests, all three men were 18 years old or younger, and Echols has now spent more than 15 years on death row.


H.O.T.’s Kang Ta Discharged from Military

Korean pop singer Kang-ta, leader of former boy band H.O.T., will be discharged from the military tomorrow, according to his agency SM Entertainment on Thursday.

The singer had served on the search squadron in the city of Pocheon in Gyeonggi Province for the past two years as part of fulfilling Korea's mandatory military service.

The former idol group member will then kick off his activities the very next day, starting by meeting his fans through a series of celebratory fan events in several cities including Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo.

His first fan meeting will take place at Seoul's Sookmyung Art Center on Saturday, where he will perform his hits songs, as well as show fans a video and photographs from his military life and sharing his future plans with the crowd.

He also plans to shake hands with every single person in attendance, as a way of expressing his gratitude to fans who have continuously supported him throughout his military years.

Kang-ta, whose real name is Ahn Chil-hyun, debuted in 1996 as the lead singer of the now-disbanded idol group H.O.T. The five-member boy band was one of the most popular K-pop acts in Korea and throughout Asia during the late 1990s to early 2000s.

He went on to release several solo albums after the group disbanded and has collaborated with other singers including a pop duo act with popular Taiwanese singer Vanessa Wu in 2006.


Taiwanese movie wins best Asian film award at Berlin festival

Source: Taiwan News

"Au Revoir, Taipei, " a romantic comedy featuring Taipei City, won the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival 2010 Saturday, beating 11 other Asian entries.

The love story, which takes place over the course of one evening in Taipei City, was produced by German director/producer Wim Wenders and directed by budding Asian-American director Arvin Chen.

Chen is no stranger to the Berlin film festival. He won a Silver Berlin Bear-Jury Grand Prix for Short Films for a short he made titled "May" in 2007.

"Au Revoir, Taipei," stars talented actors including singer Amber Kuo, Jack Yao, Joseph Chang and Lawrence Ko, and is a laughter-provoking film that screened to a full audience and won loud applause in Berlin.

Yao received the NETPAC prize on behalf of the film. "Je t'aime Berlin! " he exclaimed on the podium, his use of French accentuating the movie's title.

Frank J.K. Chen, director of the Motion Picture Affairs Department under the Cabinet-level Government Information Office (GIO) , conveyed the government's congratulations to Arvin Chen Saturday over the honor.

By winning the top award of NETPAC, which is an alliance of the Berlin film festival organizers, "Au Revoir, Taipei" now has the opportunity of winning a prize of NT$1.5 million awarded by the GIO.

Another Taiwanese movie, "Monga, " which has enjoyed huge box office success in Taiwan, was also screened at the festival, but did not win a prize.

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin welcomed the victory of "Au Revoir, Taipei, " which was made thanks to great support from the city government during shooting.

"`Au Revoir, Taipei' is another example of the city government's cooperation with film producers to sell Taipei," Hau said.

Various Taipei features, including the MRT system, the night markets and the round-the-clock Eslite bookstore, all have prominence in the film.

The city government cooperated with 15 countries in the production of 25 motion pictures in 2009 alone, Hau noted.

The Berlin International Film Festival 2010 was scheduled to close Sunday.

Ariel Lin survived operation which took her off-air for months

LOOKING at Ariel Lin, it's easy to dismiss her as just another sweet, petite, cookie-cutter cutie-pie actress in the Asian entertainment scene.

The 27-year-old Taiwanese - known for her leading roles in popular idol dramas It Started With A Kiss (2005) and Tokyo Juliet (2006) - has wowed television audiences with her cheery disposition and consistent performances as the adorable girl-next-door.

The real Ariel, however, is much tougher than most would expect her to be.

Just last February, she had an endoscopic surgery to have a tumour removed from the base of her skull.

Endoscopic surgeries are less invasive and risky than traditional operations.

Doctors gave her no alternative. She had to have the tumour removed, they told her, as it would start affecting her vision in the long run.

Ariel is in town as part of the cast of Man And Woman, War And Peace, the headlining theatre production of Esplanade's Huayi Festival.

Relooking her life

She candidly shared with The New Paper how that experience made her 'relook many aspects' of her life.

'Before undergoing the operation, I used to be a perfectionist,' she said with a smile.

'That's probably one of my most masculine traits. When it comes to work, I'm ambitious, determined and I can be really harsh on myself.'

It likely contributed to her stress levels, which affected her health.

Following the surgery, she recuperated at home for two months before returning to work.

While the operation was a major success, she suffered side effects such as vomiting, dizziness and severe mood swings.

She broke down on several occasions, but her mum was constantly by her side, giving support.

'Having pulled through this, I think I've begun to appreciate life more. I am still very motivated to do well in my career, but I've learnt when to slow down. Achieving happiness is my top priority now.'

Man And Woman, War And Peace - which also stars Cantopop star Denise Ho and Taiwanese actor David Wang - marks Ariel's stage debut.

It's a battle-of-the-sexes urban comedy set against the backdrop of two rival television stations competing for talkshow viewership ratings.

First step to something new

Ariel plays Angel, a manipulative spy sent to infiltrate one of the talkshow teams by their rivals.

The Best Actress winner at 2008's Golden Bell Awards for Taiwanese TV shows views her maiden theatre gig as 'the first step towards something new'.

'A veteran actor once told me, when you've successfully portrayed an eggplant, it's inevitable that all the roles that come your way next would be purple in colour.'

That was essentially what happened to her, she explained.

One after the other, the idol drama characters that were offered to her became similar.

Since My Secret Garden in 2003, her first leading TV leading role, she has acted in six drama series as the 'girl next door'.

She said: 'Also, I needed to upkeep this image of a 'decent girl', as it would help in securing endorsements. However, I hope to expand my repertoire gradually to try all sorts of roles.'

Ultimately, she is firm that she 'just wants to act, without the idol baggage'.

That said, good things have definitely come out of her idol drama stints.

Friendships have blossomed between her and several of her male co-stars, including 30-year-old Wu Chun, from boyband Fahrenheit, and actor Joe Cheng.

Not dating

And no, she is not dating any of them, contrary to gossip in the Taiwanese press, she insisted.

'Wu Chun (her co-star in Tokyo Juliet) and I, we are just very good buddies,' she said with a laugh.

'He will slap me on the back after filming and say, 'Come, let's go eat'!'

As for Joe, 28, whom Ariel has acted with three times (It Started With A Kiss, They Kiss Again and most recently Love Or Bread), she described their relationship as 'family'.

'I've known him for so long. Of course, there is a special bond there, as we endured long filming hours together.

'We've grown so close that I feel he is like a sibling of mine.'

The New Paper

Britney Spears reveals her underwear in raunchy new advert

Britney Spears has reverted back to her sexy schoolgirl days in a breathtaking new underwear, swimwear and bra campaign that shows off her curvy figure to the maximum.

It seems the former teen sensation is back with a bang. She has never looked better – even when she was in the video for ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.’

Donning sexy swimwear, gorgeous bra and briefs sets and a well deserved look-at-me attitude for the clothing firm Candie’s shoot, Britney looked confident as she struck all the right poses.

Even her trademark blonde hair tells a story – Britney has recovered and wants the world to know about it.

The 28-year-old beauty has modelled for Candie’s before but apparently needed a touch of airbrushing when she did.

This time around though, her figure was so toned and trim from her strenuous 97-day world tour that the airbrushing team were able to take a breather.

Britney said of her shoot: ‘It was an amazing shoot, and I know my fans are going to love the cool images. I'm very excited to be working with Candie's for a second season.’

These saucy snaps are for the Spring/Summer 2010 ads.


Less Taylor Swift, More Lady Gaga: Why the Brit Awards Are Better Than the Grammys

Tonight marks the cultural antidote to the Grammys: The Brit Awards. You may ask yourself, "Why should I care about a music awards telecast that takes place in a country I've only ever heard of in wives' tales?" In this case, it matters a great deal because, unlike our car-crash of a telecast, the UK's answer to the Grammys promises to be everything the Grammys have failed to be year after year: Relevant. Basically, everyone involved with the Grammys, from producer to peon, should watch and take lots of notes.

Mostly, the Brit Awards seem less guided by spectacle and tabloid headlines (note: not entirely devoid of)--relegating someone like Taylor Swift, who only rose to prominence because of spectacle, not discernible talent, to the International Breakthrough Act category. More telling is this: Swift is nominated alongside Lady Gaga. Gaga, unlike Swift, has become iconic on both sides of the Atlantic. As far as the UK goes, Swift may still be “that bird who was upstaged by Kanye sometime ago.” Or possibly “a younger Shania Twain.” This is reflected in the International Female Solo Artist, where she’s absent. Where Gaga is nominated next to superstars like Norah Jones, Rihanna, and Shakira and emerging stars like Ladyhawke alike. It’s further reflected in the fact that of the two, the only one performing is Gaga.

But where the Grammys err in favor of appealing to blue-hairs and possibly the Bible FUPA, the Brits--at least this year--are looking to stir the sympathies of more discerning music fans. Performers like Florence + the Machine, La Roux, Animal Collective, Bat for Lashes appeal to indie sensibilities, while picks like Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, and Robbie Williams appeal to mainstream tastes. There’s a balance there that, while not perfect, at least makes sense out of the breadth of music made available to consumers in the past year. To contrast, the Grammys try hard to achieve the opposite effect: Rewarding talent purely on sales while maybe, just maybe, batting an eyelash at niche performers who were big news over a year ago. That balance is most well-demonstrated by Lily Allen’s nomination and her performance tonight.

What works especially well with this pool of nominees is a sense of history. Where the Grammys operate arbitrarily, cherry-picking talent from history in order to create a narrative that conveniently forgoes their campier moments (like that whole Milli Vanilli incident), the Brits--maybe perhaps too contrivingly--tips a nod back to its history with a category like the Most Memorable Brits Performance of the Past 30 Years. It’s a category where performers like the Spice Girls, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, and The Who are directly in competition with newer performers like Kanye West, Girls Aloud, the Scissor Sisters, and Kylie Minogue.
But the way in which the Brits is most like staring into a wonderful parallel universe? How Leona Lewis expects to be snubbed tonight. Speaking of snubs, here’s a Memorable Brit Performance of the Past 30 Years that sadly went unnoticed.


Video Premiere: 'We Are the World 25 for Haiti' Feat. Various Artists

Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Hudson back up Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne shows off his singing skill, T-Pain brings the Auto-Tune and the rappers come together for the rapping part.



Finally, the highly-anticipated music video for the all-star "We Are the World" remake is made available for viewing pleasure. Premiered during during NBC's coverage of the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Friday, February 12, it was introduced by one of the artists involved Jamie Foxx.

"25 years ago Quincy Jones gathered an amazing group of artists and musicians to create 'We Are the World' written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie," he said. "I'm so proud to be able to share a new version of that song with the video by Academy Award-winning director Paul Haggins."

"Two weeks ago we found ourselves surrounded by artists from all ages, backgrounds and genres, but all of them share common commitment to take an action to help Haiti," he continued. "We ask you to please do more than just watch. Reach deeply to your heart and give anything you can ... Whatever you have, no matter how big, how small, they all count."

Then, the video is rolled, starting with a capture of Justin Bieber doing his solo recording session. "There comes a time when we heed a certain call," so he sings with Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Hudson backing him up in the next line. In addition to showing the studio sessions, it also features Haiti post the devastating earthquake. Michael appears posthumously twice; one in a split screen with Janet Jackson, and the other alone.

In the middle of the video, a group of rappers ranging from LL Cool J to Swizz Beatz spit additional rhymes with the rest of the singers clapping their hands in the air. Unlike the other MCs however, Lil Wayne does not rap but he sings Bob Dylan's part. In addition to the rapping part, the other thing done to revamp the track is bringing in Auto-Tune.

There will be two versions of the video. One is a seven-and-a-half-minute version that contains the uncut song which was debuted in the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics and the other is a three-and-a-half-minute version which will be revealed the next day.


'Batman 3' plot rumours surface online

Plot details from the upcoming Batman 3 have reportedly surfaced online.

According to IGN, the basis for the script is already complete, following reports that David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan started work on the franchise's third instalment last month.

A source at Warner Bros apparently claimed that the film will centre around The Riddler as the main villain, with Arkham Asylum providing one of the story's main backdrops.

Several other classic foes are also allegedly in line for cameo appearances, including The Penguin and Mr Freeze.

The insider added that Barbara Gordon could face a more prominent role in the new film and that Dick Grayson may make an appearance, although it is unlikely to be as Robin.


Emotional Lady Gaga sweeps UK's Brit Awards

LONDON – Flamboyant chanteuse Lady Gaga swept the U.K.'s Brit Awards Tuesday winning three categories and offering an emotional tribute to Alexander McQueen, the British fashion designer who died last week.

Gaga collected awards for best international female artist, best international breakthrough act and best international album for "The Fame," and performed at the ceremony wearing a towering white wig and lace veil — complete with ornate lace eyebrows.

At points, the singer appeared overcome with emotion and paid tribute to McQueen as she collected her first prize — referring to the designer by the name Lee. "Thank you to Lee McQueen," Gaga said, her voice strained.

Gaga, a friend of McQueen, recently wore his iconic lobster-claw shoes in her "Bad Romance" music video. The designer was found dead Thursday after apparently committing suicide.

The awards are the British equivalent of the Grammys, with most winners selected by a vote of more than 1,000 industry members.

U.S. rapper Jay-Z also claimed an award, for best international male, during a ceremony at London Earl's Court arena. Other international nominees had included Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Jay-Z, Michael Buble and Shakira.

British boy band JLS claimed an award for best domestic breakthrough act, while recently split rockers Oasis won a one-off prize when their "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" was named best British album of the last 30 years. Kasabian were named best British band.

Former "Take That" member and solo artist Robbie Williams received a special award for contribution to music.

Prince Harry addressed the ceremony in a recorded video message, giving the show — which has sometimes taken a raucous turn in the past — a royal stamp of approval.

Harry, third in line to the British crown, praised the awards as a celebration of "all that is totally wonderful and unique about British music."


Jay Chou's 'Pandamen' tanks in Taiwan

Source: Channel News Asia

TAIPEI: Singer Jay Chou's maiden attempt at directing a television drama suffered poor ratings after it debuted on Friday in Taiwan.

"Pandaman", which Chou had earlier described as "cool", is a science fiction action drama about two superheroes from differing backgrounds who share a fascination with pandas.

The 30-year-old singer-director even expressed that he was confident the 110 million Taiwan dollars (about S$5.5million) production would be a success. However, the show's poor ratings indicate his confidence may have been misplaced.

"Pandamen", which aired on CTS, one of the four major television stations in Taiwan, attracted the least number of viewers among television shows in the same 10 pm timeslot. Chou's "Pandamen" only managed to garner 0.77 in ratings, compared to shows like the talent contest "One Million Star" (2.18) and idol dramas "K.O. 3an Guo" (1.53) and "Lucky Days" (0.79).

Viewers complained that "Pandamen" had a childish, convoluted plot that was hard to follow and pointed out that the show seemed to cater specifically for Mainland audiences as the cast often delivered their lines in Mainland-accented Mandarin.

Chou, who recently appeared in the film "The Treasure Hunter", brushed off these complaints and wrote on his official website that he "did not need high ratings". He insisted that the show was a success as "it represents a new generation of heroes" and "was a historic moment".

CTS officials also backed him and pointed out that "Pandamen" was the highest-rated show on its 10 pm slot in nearly a year.

The drama's poor showing in Taiwan was preceded by its dismal results when it first aired in Guangzhou, China. "Pandamen" was shown for three days on Guangzhou Television in late January.

Guangzhou Television reportedly paid an astronomical sum for the broadcast rights to the show, but "Pandamen" only managed to attract about 5,000 viewers on its third day, making it the lowest-rated show in the station's history.

At that time, many believed that complaints of a messy plot were due to heavy-handed Chinese censors cutting out crucial scenes for depicting gunplay.

However, "Pandamen" aired completely uncut in Taiwan.

Chou, who plays a police commissioner and appears for just two and a half minutes on the show, will reportedly attend a meet-the-fans session at Huashan Cultural Park on February 27, in an attempt to resuscitate the flat-lining show.

- CNA/ha

Gabe Lan's Hello Kitty shopping spree earns him a VIP membership

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fashion F4's Gabe Lan Jun Tian grew up among a group of girls; besides his mother, he also has 3 younger sisters, the youngest only 8 years old. The three sisters always do as they're told so whatever they ask for, he will fulfill. His youngest sister loves Hello Kitty so putting aside their differences in taste, he will go to the pink-filled Hello Kitty stores to buy her merchandise there. He has spent so much there, that he is now a VIP member.

Gabe loves to collect Superman, Batman and other cartoon superhero merchandise but for his little sister, he will disregard his masculine side and go into a store to buy her a Hello Kitty cake. When he went overseas, he even spent $NT5000 on a Hello Kitty suitcase. His little sister and father live in Hong Kong, he smiled saying, "She's always happiest when she sees me because I don't fuss over her but I'll also have gifts for her when we see each other."

Because his little sister is so young, Gabe loves her the most, "I'll buy her anything she wants and even help her with her homework." At university, Gabe studied 3D animation and once, his sister had to hand in a picture as homework and after nagging him over the phone, he drew her a picture of Alice [T/N: from Alice in Wonderland..?]. When their family met Korean star Rain in Las Vegas, he also helped his sister get an autograph; as long as his sister wants it, he'll do anything for her.

Besides this, his eldest younger sister is doing business in Shanghai and Gabe helped her develop the designs for her products while his second younger sister is studying in Vancouver. It's very difficult for the family to see each other but Gabe is always thinking about his 3 younger sisters

Ke$ha Holds atop Hot 100, Pink's "Glitter" Glows

Ke$ha claimed the longest-running No. 1 debut single by a female artist on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1977 as "TiK ToK" held steady Thursday for an eighth week.

Thirty-three years ago, Debby Boone took her maiden Hot 100 appearance, "You Light Up My Life," to No. 1 for 10 weeks.

Scoring another milestone was Lady Antebellum, whose "Need You Now" leaped five rungs to No. 3, making the trio the first country group to hit the top three of the Hot 100 since Lonestar reached No. 1 with "Amazed" in March of 2000.

Elsewhere in the chart's top 10, Young Money fell one spot to No. 4 with "Bedrock," Lady Gaga dropped three rungs to No. 5 with "Bad Romance," and "Sexy Chick" by David Guetta featuring Akon slipped one to No. 6.

Train pulled up two spots to No. 7 with "Hey, Soul Sister," and Ludacris dropped two with "How Low" (No. 8). Iyaz clung to a top 10 spot, falling from No. 7 to No. 10 with his former No. 2 hit, "Replay."

An impressive Grammy performance by Pink landed her the Hot Shot Debut with "Glitter in the Air," which arrived at No. 18 thanks to digital sales of 114,000. "Glitter" is the fifth charting single from Pink's fifth studio album, "Funhouse," which is the most she's ever scored on the Hot 100 from one set.

The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" rebounded from No. 16 to No. 9 on the Hot 100, the song's 22nd week in the top 10.

Notable Grammy-related debuts included the Dave Matthews Band, at No. 57 with "You and Me," and the award show pairing of Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli, at No. 75 with "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

The Dave Matthews Band track is the second Hot 100 single from "Big Whiskey & the Groogrux King," the first time the group has scored a pair of charting titles from an album since 2001's "Everyday."

Blige and Bocelli's version of the Simon & Garfunkel No. 1 hit from 1970 is a contrast in chart appearances. For the queen of R&B, the song is her 39th to grace the Hot 100, while the renowned tenor reaches the list for the first time.

Lil Wayne took part in four of this week's debuts, three songs on which he's the lead vocalist and one where he guest stars. Wayne upped his chart total to 54 titles since 2000 (and 55 overall), extending his lead for most charting titles since the beginning of the last decade, well ahead of the next closest challenger, Jay-Z, who has 44.

Two of Wayne's tracks, "Knockout" (No. 44) and "American Star," featuring Shanell, (No. 91) are from his Billboard 200 No. 2 debuting album "Rebirth," while "F**k Today" is a digital single made available concurrent with his album release.

Wayne is also featured, along with Birdman and Jay Sean, on Kevin Rudolf's "I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)," which entered at No. 59.


Khloe Kardashian wants to make sex tape

Khloe Kardashian wants to make a private sex tape for her husband, according to Access Hollywood.

The reality star is married to LA Laker Lamar Odom. Her sister Kim rose to fame in 2007 after a sex tape featuring her ex-boyfriend Ray-J was leaked.

However, Kardashian insisted that she wants to be the only person on camera in her film.

"Like a solo sex tape," she told a friend in a clip from an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "You know, I kind of like the idea of a sexy little video."

Kardashian's friend rejected the idea, but the star continued to attempt to convince her.

"I am not going to video tape you," her friend said.

Kardashian and Odom were married on September 27 last year.


Van Der Beek recalls 'Dawson' madness

James Van Der Beek has admitted that he was constantly chased by young girls during the height of Dawson's Creek's success.

The Mercy actor, who starred in the teen drama for six seasons, said that girls would chase him in their vehicles just to catch a glimpse of him.

The 32-year-old told Parade: "At the height of my TV success, I'd be going down the freeway and I'd hear a squeal from the car behind me. I'd look and there would be a mini-van full of girls chasing me.

"I didn't know who was driving, but I thought, 'Hopefully it's not their mother going, Oh, come on, girls, let's get him'."

Van Der Beek also revealed that he barely recognises himself when he watches reruns of the show.

He added: "When I watch part of a rerun, it's like another lifetime, it's like looking at old high school or baby pictures, and saying, 'Oh, who was that kid?'

"But I connected with him because I was always kind of a little bit of a dork like Dawson. I always played sports, but I was also in the glee club.

"You know, you don't do that when you're in middle school. You don't do that when you're 15. I'm still kind of shy. I'm not the type who's going to dance on your table. Now I look back and go, 'Man, why couldn't I have had all those girls in my class who loved me as Dawson?'"


Spice Girls refuse to reunite for Brits?

The Spice Girls have reportedly refused to reunite for the Brit Awards.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the stars were hoping to attend the ceremony together because of their nomination for 'Brits Performance of 30 Years'.

However, the group allegedly changed their mind when organisers refused to tell them if they had won.

"The girls were going to try and be there," a source said. "Nowadays with their hectic schedules it's a nightmare trying to get them in the same place at the same time. But they were going to make it happen. Victoria would have flown in from New York Fashion Week and Mel C was going to get the night off Blood Brothers in the West End.

"But they were only willing to make it happen if it was worth all the effort and they won. But the Brits people refused to tell them either way, so they decided they'd be represented by a couple of them in case, but won't make the effort to get them all together. It's a real blow."

Geri Halliwell and Mel B are reportedly the only two members of the group who will now attend the ceremony.

Recent reports have revealed that organisers are struggling to persuade the other nominees in the 'Brits Performance' category to attend.


Naughty Or Nice: Hot Valentine Ideas

Super sweet treats for your one-and-only -- plus deliciously naughty moves!

Will you play nice or naughty this Valentine's? Check out these super sweet versus deliciously wicked ideas to reconnect with the man in your life.

Will you play nice or naughty this Valentine's? Check out these super sweet versus deliciously wicked ideas to reconnect with the man in your life.

Be a foodie

* Cook a meal together.
* Or surprise your guy by cooking his favorite, hard-to-make dinner. Inept in the kitchen? Browse the Internet for recipe ideas.


* "Feed your man with your hands. Spaghetti goes down much more amusingly if you eschew using forks," suggests Eve Marx, author of Read My Hips.
* Chocolate can get quite messy, which makes it sexy and fun. Try feed each other semi-melted chocolate or sauce. It's more than okay to use the same spoon!

read more here

Lindsay Lohan Plays a Fashionable Jesus

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of another magazine, this time it's French fashion magazine Purple.

Since it's supposed to be more of an edgy magazine or something, Terry Richardson shot Lindsay as Jesus with her outstretched arms and a crown of thorns. So shocking! And we mean that, too. It's pretty shocking that this is the first time in a while Linds didn't even have to show her boobs for a fashion spread.

And Lindsay's Jesus dress-up fun isn't all that's going on in her cluttered life today. There's also talk that Sam Ronson allegedly abused her, Jessica Alba says Lindsay never hooked up with her husband, Cash Warren, and Linds took to her Twitter to try to convince us she doesn't use lip injections. In other words, it's just a normal day for Lindsay.


It's been a while since we've had to Fashion Police Lindsay. Weird. Check out who's been filling in for her right here.

I Don’t Want to Be a Prince Anymore Wu Chun

Fahrenheit Wu Chun

Before the interview heard the night before Wu Chun returned from the mainland, this month he only has 5 days to stop in Taiwan, the rest of the time will be in the mainland flying around, I would think he’s seen a lot of different sceneries, but he said he’s mainly spent most of the time practicing at the set, after the performance he has to leave immediately to other cities. Today its also an early interview job, worried that his body will not able to digest, but he said because he over worked earlier, he slept deeply the night before once he returned home, now his energy is looking pretty good, but in his speech you can hear some tiredness. It’s been 5 years since he’s entered the industry, even though he misses home he is now used to the busyness from one place to another, then to awake in an unfamiliar city, though he does not get bed sick of his own bed, he does sleep more in peace in his own home. But any corner with a Chinese world, there still too many fans waiting for him to appear, not able to stay in each area too long, flying closely with the itinerary, his distressed fans are starting to call him “Super Man”.

Hearing of this, Wu Chun exposed a smile; he excitedly said since young he has always loved heroes and super man, likes to help others, the feeling of making others happy. Just like in the movies like superman, his appearance has also included screams, but he doesn’t have to wear the little red pants to hold up the fallen buildings or to catch a falling woman, he only needs to smile, then he’ll save all those that have waiting. But to be “Super Man” it’s not easy; any time any where there could be emergencies, this title is more like expectations, not only to satisfy the waiting fans, he also has many things he wants to do, perform in movies and idol dramas, produce albums as well in the future to get into publication, with his highly balanced flight to fulfill the job, and in such a state of tension, he actually said he’s satisfied.

Transformation to Super Man

In the past, he was the young son attached to home, after high school graduation he was sent to Australia to study, but due to home sick he returned to Brunei himself, despite his mother missing him, still wanted him to return to school to be responsible and independent. He used 1 year’s time to adjust his mood then returned toAustralia to finish his studies, after graduation he suddenly found out the news that his mother had cancer, quickly returned to his homeland, during his mother’s illness he saw how life was gradually draining, the feeling of hopelessness, has changed his attitude towards life, “I was really afraid when my mother had to leave, I can imagine if I had to die today, would be really afraid and not know where to go, her leaving has left me the that feeling of her fear. So I’ve become more daring, at worst death, the most is just to fail only.”

Translated by Cmiley @ http://asianfanatics.net
Source: UDN Magazine

Kung fu tussle

14 Blades offers romance, plenty of hunks and beauties plus heart-stopping action to draw in the crowd
by Sharon Wong

COMEDIES are the usual cinematic fare for Chinese New Year but if you are game for something different this year, check out 14 Blades.

It offers a touch of romance, and plenty of hunks and beauties in the form of kungfu master Donnie Yen, singer-turned-actor Wu Chun (of the Taiwanese group Fahrenheit), Vickie Zhao and Kate Tsui. There is also heart-stopping action to boot.

Director Daniel Lee is confident these will draw in the crowd to his movie about the Jinyiwei, an elite group of secret service men in the Ming Dynasty who answer only to the Emperor.

A betrayal causes the head of the Jinyiwei to go on the run, pursued by deadly enemies. Along the way, he finds love, and discovers his duty and above all, himself.

Lee, who was in town recently with Wu Chun to promote the movie, admitted that Donnie Yen was his choice to play the lead character of Qing Long right from the beginning.

"Everybody knows he’s one of the top martial arts actors around. But he also has that aura that can lean towards either good or evil.

"As a villain, he instils fear in anybody who looks upon him but when he changes to good, he is also believable. That initial villain image is important for the movie and Donnie is perfect in that."

As for Wu, who plays the leader of a band of desert thieves, Lee said he wanted to bring out another side of the young singer to the audience.

"Wu already has a certain image as a singer. In this movie, there will be more to him than what people normally see. Wu is able to give that extra as a desert thief in search of something more, to the audience."

Wu felt that this movie is an important milestone for him. He sees it as a stepping stone to show off his other capabilities. "I’ve seen and learned a lot in this movie. "It’s an invaluable experience for me and it will help me prepare for future roles."

In preparation to execute the martial moves required of him in the movie, where he fights not only with Yen but also Kate Tsui, Wu not only took up martial arts training that focused on swordplay but also watched the others in action.

"The director was very clear on what he wanted and I tried to capture the feel of the character by observing and learning from others," he said. "I also loved the martial arts training. I had studied boxing as well as some martial arts before so it was not much of a problem."

However, Wu admitted that the idea of fighting with Yen put him under some pressure. "It was all real fighting," he revealed, "requiring speed and strength. Afterwards, I was blue and black all over. We didn’t want to use stand-ins and although the risk of getting hurt was there, it was fortunate we weren’t hurt.

"However, I was not so much afraid of getting hurt but of not putting in enough effort and not being good enough."

The fighting scenes between him and Tsui were a little different, with more wires and beautiful poses and moves. With a dance base behind both of them, they were a delight to watch.

Tsui’s character Tuo Tuo uses a thin long sword that is wrapped around her when not in use. She also wears a seven-layered veil-like slough, which she sheds as a weapon during battle. when she does that, she causes her enemy to hallucinate and ‘see’ several images of Tuo Tuo.

Tsui is the epitome of grace as she goes through her moves and Lee could not be more pleased with his choice of her as Tuo Tuo.

"Kate is really good in dance although she’s not so adept at martial arts. Her moves are sexy and beautiful and with her slanted eyes and make-up, she is the image of the devil woman," Lee said.

Tsui was initially apprehensive about taking up the role and had said it gave her a certain amount of pressure, especially since this was her first time in an action movie.

In addition to the excellent action scenes, the audience is in for another visual treat as they get to see the three actors in certain stages of undress.

But Lee was quick to point out that for Yen and Tsui, the scenes were absolutely necessary as they went with the flow of the movie.
"The characters they play are born to serve in every way and they belong only to their masters and are tattooed accordingly. We wanted to show that off.

"As for Wu Chun, well, I couldn’t very well let him off the hook!"

Wu had no qualms showing off his abs as he has been working out regularly since the age of 16 (he is, after all, the owner of a gym back home in Brunei).

But Wu is still envious of Yen’s physique as well as his devotion to maintaining it. "Most of us are tired at the end of filming but Yen will take the time to work out."

As for the movie’s theme being a little out of the usual Chinese New Year genre, Lee said that there is a message in the movie and he wants to get that across to the public.

"Although it starts out being a little dark, the message is that if there is hope, there is happiness."

And who would deny an abundance of happiness in the coming Year of the Tiger, or anytime of the year either.

14 Blades is now screening in cinemas. It is distributed by RAM Entertainment and presented by TM (Telekom Malaysia).

Alexander McQueen Found Dead Updates: Is Isabella Blow’s Death related?

The British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home this Thursday, February 11. It was said that he committed suicide. He died at the age of 40. He was found in his luxury flat in Green Park, Central London, where it is believed he hanged himself.

Was the death of his mother a factor for his suicide? He died just days after the loss of his mother, Joyce. It is still unknown if it has something to do with her mother’s death. George Blodwell said that McQueen’s mother’s recent death was a major factor in his suicide.

There’s an issue arising that Alexander McQueen’s death can also be related to Isabella Blow’s death. Can that be true? We know that Isabella Blow was an important female person in Alexander McQueen’s life. Isabella Blow died 3 years ago.

Fashion history has Alexander McQueen signing a lucrative deal with Gucci in 2000, a deal which was reportedly initiated by Isabella Blow. Blow felt left out because McQueen did not take her along when he sold his brand to Gucci.
Isabella Blow was despondent for several years. After being found on a bathroom floor by her sister, she was rushed to the hospital where she told doctors that she had drunk Paraquat, a weed killer. She died the next day.
It was sad to think that the world just lost a fashion superstar. He was named British Fashion Designer of the Year four times.
We can offer our prayers for this fashion genius young man.
We’re still waiting for updates about the real reason for Alexander McQueen’s suicide. Wait for more updates here at BuzzyBloggers.
For more info about Alexander McQueen, refer to the links located at the top.


Fitness Zone eyes presence in China, HK, Taiwan: Wu Chun

FITNESS Zone’s new branch in Serusop is expected to be opened by the middle of the year as the gym’s owner Goh Kiat Chun, better known by his celebrity name Wu Chun, yesterday said the fitness centre is also eyeing opening outlets overseas within the next five years.

During an interview with The Brunei Times, Wu said that he hopes to open a branch overseas and is looking at China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“There have already been talks … so I really hope that will work out. There might even be a possibility that Fitness Zone opens in Singapore, say for example, if someone wants to use the brand name. We can cooperate with them and work something out,” said the Bruneian-born movie-star who is back for the Chinese New Year holidays after a long week of promoting his new film “14 Blades”.

He said that if there were two or three branches running smoothly in Brunei, it would already be a huge achievement because the market is quite small.

“With that said, education for members is important. I want to make our instructors prepared to give talks in schools and invite students over to slowly teach them the importance of fitness. If someone likes sports, it usually has to start from young. We want to start from the grassroots and inculcate the habit, so that will be part of our plan in the next five years,” he explained.

Fitness Zone is also collaborating with a Bruneian dance group called Next Element.

“We are helping them to push their classes and provide them facilities while they help us teach members. In Taiwan, I see a lot of dancers and they (Next Element dancers) do not pale in comparison. They’re really good and a lot of the younger generation enjoy dancing now, so that’s something we’re happy to introduce,” Wu said.

He said that the gym will also be constantly updating their classes every time trainers are sent overseas.

Wu said Fitness Zone instructors will hold new classes once they come back.

He also cited the gym’s outdoor activities in the pipeline. “Biking, hiking and maybe a boot camp of sorts. So we are not just indoors all the time but going outdoors as well,” he said.

Serusop’s branch will be the gym’s third branch since its opening in 2003 at The Mall in Gadong.

Wu said that Serusop will be similar as the Kiulap branch but without a basketball court. However, it will feature a different atmosphere and environment so customers have a choice.

The Brunei Times