Howie Dorough says Backstreet Boys have matured

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Backstreet Boys began as a group of wide-eyed teenagers but 16 years later, after battles with drug addiction and the loss of loved ones, believe their seventh album shows they have matured.

The Backstreet Boys, the first U.S. group launched by boy band mogul Lou Pearlman, started as a five-member band with a list of chart hits but is now a quartet.

The band took a break from 2002 but returned two years later, with a fifth album released in 2005, "Never Gone," then a sixth, "Unbreakable," in 2007 after singer Kevin Richardson left in 2006 which did not sell as well.

Howie Dorough, 36, said the band has high hopes for its new album "This Is Us" which will be backed up with a world tour starting at the end of October. Also in the band are A.J. McLean, who went into rehab in 2001 for alcohol and drug addiction, Nick Carter, and Brian Littrell.

Dorough spoke to Reuters about the band and new album:

Q: So it's not a comeback?

A: "That's right, we say don't call it a comeback. But I think this is going to be a record that people hear. Our last two were great but came after we took a break and there was a bit of a backlash. People needed a bit of a break from the Backstreet Boys. The last two records were a good rebuilding process and taken us to this point."

Q: It's been 17 years since you started out together. Have you all changed?

A: "No, time has not changed us but it has made us grow. We have grown into the adults we are now -- the fathers, the friends, the entertainers that we are now and the career minded people that we are. There have been bumps but everything has happened for a reason -- maybe apart from the loss of some loved ones -- and we have always tried to find a positive from it."

Q: Have these experiences over the years changed your music?

A: "It has affected our music. We have a lot more to write about now with the personal experiences that have happened along the way. We have also become more seasoned as entertainers. It has opened our eyes and our minds. We're no longer just entertainers but also businessmen and we are finding a healthy balance of career and families."

Q: You began as boys but have become men. Any plans to change the band's name?

A: "Boys to us has never been an age thing. If the Beastie Boys and the Beach Boys and Pet Shop Boys can stay boys, so can we."

Q: You all have other projects on the side of the band with solo records and you also co-manager other singers. Does that cause any conflict?

A: "For me I am into having my hands in a bunch of different things. I am a Leo and I love to be active and creative. We all came from individual backgrounds and we don't want to lose our identities so we allow ourselves to do other projects on the side. We all try to make sure the Backstreet Boys takes the main role."

Q: Your sister Caroline Dorough-Cochran died in 1998 of Lupus aged 37 and you set up a foundation to raise money for this.

A: "We all have always believed in giving things to the man above. I try to give back. We are so blessed as artists and entertainers and we should use our powers to raise awareness of things where we can."

(Editing by Jill Serjeant)

Boyzone star Stephen Gately dies

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately has died suddenly at the age of 33 while on holiday in Majorca.

Spanish police said he died on Saturday and that there were no signs of suspicious circumstances. But the cause of death is not yet known.

Gately was on holiday with his long-term partner Andy Cowles. His bandmates said they were "completely devastated" and are now travelling to Majorca.

The Irish band had six UK number one hits in the 1990s and reformed in 2007.

The four remaining members of Boyzone described Gately as "our friend and brother".

"We have shared such wonderful times together over the years and were all looking forward to sharing many more," a statement said.

"Stephen was a beautiful person in both body and spirit. He lit up our lives and those of the many friends he had all over the world. Our love and sympathy go out to Andrew and Stephen's family. We love you and will miss you forever."

Singer Ronan Keating is on his way back from the US and will join the rest of the group in Majorca.

Police said they were called to a house near Port d'Andratx on the western tip of the island on Saturday afternoon.

"At the moment it is not known how he died," the police spokesman said. "There are no signs of suspicious circumstances."

Boyzone manager Louis Walsh, who is still expected to appear as a judge on The X Factor results show on Sunday, told the News of the World newspaper: "We're all absolutely devastated.

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Megan Fox Doesn't Like Boys Who Aren't Chivalrous

Chivalry is one of the qualities that Megan Fox looks for in a man. Speaking to People at the premiere of her film "Jennifer's Body" at the Toronto International Film Festival Thursday, September 10, she opened up about what she really wants in a man.

"I don't like boys who aren't chivalrous. To me, not being respectful is a big deal," she stated. "I don't like boys who are mean to their mommies." She went on revealing, "I like someone who has a super gentle spirit and energy. I'm really gentle, and so I like a boy who will treat me that way." Additionally, Megan claimed she likes a man who is "funny and has a good sense of humor".

Asked about what makes her different from Jennifer, the character she portrays in "Jennifer's Body", the 23-year-old actress said, "I was never a bad girl and still not. I challenged authority in school a little bit but nothing like Jennifer. Now I just speak my mind openly. That's who I am."

"Jennifer's Body", which will be released in U.S. theaters next Friday, September 18, tells the story of Jennifer, a beautiful cheerleader who is possessed by a demon. Due to her current state, she seduces boys in a Minnesota farming town to feed off them, forcing her nerdy best friend Needy to save the boys and stop Jennifer from killing all them.


Fourth Pirates Based on Powers' On Stranger Tides?

This afternoon, Walt Disney Pictures made the big announcement at the D23 Expo that the fourth "Pirates" film will hit theaters in Summer 2011 and be titled Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Speculation has already begun that the subtitle "On Stranger Tides" refers to author Tim Powers' novel with the same name. The following is the official description of the book:

Puppeteer John Chandagnac, who was sailing to Jamaica to get revenge on the uncle who had stolen his father's inheritance, has no choice but to join the buccaneers who have taken him prisoner--and soon, known now as the pirate Jack Shandy, he finds himself learning to survive in a treacherous new world of cutlass-fights, sea-battles, and voodoo magic on sun-blinded tropical islands. The legendary Blackbeard is assembling a ruthless navy of pirates living and undead to voyage to the fabled Fountain of Youth, and Jack Shandy must use magic, swordsmanship, and even his puppeteer skills to free himself and the girl he has fallen in love with from Blackbeard's deadly supernatural domination.

At the end of the third "Pirates" movie, it is shown that both Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) are next eyeing the Fountain of Youth. Barbossa has "stolen" the Black Pearl back from Sparrow, but Sparrow has cut out the most important part of Barbossa's map to the Fountain of Youth.

If they will be adapting the book, will Sparrow and Barbossa have to team up again against Blackbeard? We'll have to wait and see how it will turn out.

The Poster for Michael Jackson's This Is It

Yahoo! Movies has the first look at the poster for Michael Jackson's This Is It, the Kenny Ortega-directed film that will play in theaters for two weeks starting on October 28th.

"This Is It" offers Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that would have taken place beginning this summer in London's O2 Arena.

Tickets will go on sale Sunday, September 27th.

No Green Hornet for Nicolas Cage

While he was never officially cast, Heat Vision reports that Nicolas Cage won't be playing the villain in Columbia Pictures' The Green Hornet, which director Michel Gondry has started filming in Los Angeles.

Sources for the Blog say that the studio is on the hunt for a new actor to play the villain in the comic book adaptation. No scenes with Cage were shot for the movie.

Columbia is planning a December 17, 2010 release for the pic, which stars Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, Jay Chou, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour and Tom Wilkinson.

Life after Dream for Kim Bum

After his drama Dream, Kim Bum will put a stop to his activities in Korea and start preparing for overseas activities, one of which will be greeting his fans in Japan as a singer.

According to Kim Bum's management agency, "Kim Bum will be having fanmeetings in 5 Japanese cities (Osaka, etc) this coming December and will be performing 2 songs. One of the songs will be I'm Going to Meet You Now which was included in the F4 Special Album. The other song is currently being worked on."

As for Kim Bum's singing ability, his management agency said, "Kim Bum's singing is definitely on a par with professional singers. His popularity has been soaring in Japan because of Boys Over Flowers. We are hoping to use the opportunity to try and change him into a singer to further raise his popularity. There's a high possiblity of that happening after Kim Bum completes his five scheduled fanmeetings."

Besides his activities in Japan, Kim Bum will also be heading to England for a photoshoot after filming for Dream ends. Thereafter, Kim Bum will be volunteering in an activity to help needy orphans in the Philippines as well.


[M/V] Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho「KISS」M/V Teaser!

Kim Hyun Joong diagnosed with swine flu!

SS501 leader and Boys Over Flowers star, Kim Hyun Joong, has been diagnosed with swine flu. The singer turned actor was in Japan to promote his hit drama series over the weekend, from 5 - 6th September. During the promotion, he had shown signs of a fever and a headache, which caused him to miss his activities on the 6th.

A representative from DSP Media gave a formal statement saying, "Scheduled for a flight, at 12pm on the 7th of September, he had passed through immigration without any problems but later in the afternoon, due to a sudden change to his health, he was taken to the emergency room."

While in the ER, it was diagnosed that the star has swine flu, and the representative says that the star is being treated but has to remain under further observation to make any other report, thus causing him to remain in Japan. Kim Hyun Joong's manager has been sent to the hospital to check on the matter and will inform the public with more details when available.


Fahrenheit guys' hot cities

AS PART of their newly released pictorial book At The Beginning, Fahrenheit, the four members of hot Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit visited several cities in the region and penned their thoughts on them.

Wu Chun, 29, and Calvin Chen, 28, revealed a special fondness for Singapore.

Here are what the four lads have to say about their favourite tour spots.

Wu Chun: Singapore gives me childhood memories

As Fahrenheit's team leader, Wu Chun had the opportunity to have his photo shoots done in three spots - Shanghai, Singapore and the Maldives.

All three left a deep impression on him, but Singapore felt closest to his country of birth, Brunei.

'Singapore's very close to Brunei, so growing up, it was a country my family visited most often for holidays,' said the hunk.

'Now, I visit Singapore frequently too, be it for promotional work as an artiste or for my business dealings. I sometimes bump into former classmates there!'

Wu Chun said Singapore gives him with a sense of nostalgia, whereas the Maldives are 'similar to Brunei when it comes to scenery'.

'There are plenty of islands in the Maldives; the sea and sky make a beautiful picture, just like in Brunei.'

As for Shanghai, he loves it for the fast-paced energy it exudes.

'I can totally see why the F1 race is held there. If I can have a first-hand experience of driving a car on the tracks itself, that would be most wonderful!'

Jiro Wang: A learning journey in Beijing

Being in Beijing, where 28-year-old Jiro Wang's did his photo shoot, turned out to be an eye-opener for him.

'Beijing is China's cultural hub. Being immersed in the city, you will inevitably be more sensitive to your surroundings and feel for all the sights and sounds around you,' said the boyish singer.

'I picked up the traditional form of Chinese painting and realised that with many experienced masters guiding me, I could learn faster!'

Calvin Chen: Singapore reminds me of Vancouver

Like bandmate Wu Chun, Calvin too loves Singapore, but for a different reason.

'Somehow, Singapore reminds me of my student days in Vancouver,' he said.

At 17, after graduating from Jian-Guo High School in Taipei, Calvin's parents sent him to Vancouver to further his studies.

'Singapore's official language is English, just like Vancouver. I was very young when I studied there and those were really good times,' he said.

'Though I couldn't go back to Vancouver this time, going to Singapore evoked many lovely memories of the time I spent there.'

Aaron Yan: Shanghai is like a woman

As for Aaron, 23, he picked Shanghai for his photo shoot because 'I adore the old Shanghai melodies, where glamour and theatre rule'.

'Since I was given the chance to recreate that spirit of old Shnaghai through photos, I decided to pose in front of a grand piano.'

He added that Shanghai is 'like a sexy woman' to him.

'In the day, she is lively and bubbly. At night, she becomes a tai-tai, sashaying through town!',4136,213040,00.html

Jay Chou holds hands with Cameron Diaz in 'The Green Hornet'; hero rescuing damsel in distress

Source: Sina
Translation: Sarah @

On the 5th of September, the beautiful Cameron Diaz & Taiwan’s heavenly king Jay Chou were filming ‘The Green Hornet’ together in Los Angeles. That day, Cameron was wearing a long blue dress, which showed off her figure. However, when she was walking, she lost her balance and almost tripped over, but Jay rescued her just in time. The 2 were pulling and dragging each other; they looked very close and did not avoid arousing suspicion.

During filming, Cameron even took off her shoes, carried them in her hands, and walked barefoot. And infront of the Hollywood beauty, Jay looked very handsome in his suit and tie.

Korean Dramas Continue to Captivate the Philippines

Justify FullKorean dramas are still popular with Filipinos. Among the hit series are, clockwise from top left, “Dae Jang Geum” (Jewel in the Palace), “Lovers in Paris,” “Full House” and “My Name Is Sam Soon.” / Korea Times File

By Jonathan M. Hicap
Korea Times Correspondent

Even before K-pop, Filipinos were long fans of imported dramas.

Soap operas and drama series have become a staple for daytime and primetime viewing in the Philippines.

In the 1990s, Mexican telenovelas became the mania, with huge hits like "Rosalinda" and "Marimar" attracting ratings above 50 percent.

Asian dramas, including Korean, have become hits in the 2000s.

The huge demand from viewers for Asian telenovelas has prompted Philippine TV stations to import Korean and Taiwanese dramas.

Top Korean drama series (locally called "Koreanovelas") like "Lovers in Paris," "Full House," "My Name is Sam Soon," "Stairway to Heaven" and "Coffee Prince" were imported and dubbed in Filipino, instantly becoming hits.

The success of "Dae Jang Geum" (or "Jewel in the Palace") in Korea was also replicated in the Philippines and many other Asian countries.

The Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" was also a ratings success when it aired years ago.

Its remake, the Korean "Boys over Flowers" starring Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Boom, Kim Joon and actress Koo Hye-sun, also succeeded in capturing audiences. It was aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN from May to August and became a phenomenal success.

"It is the phenomenal hit for idol dramas this year with its ratings peaking at 33 percent in the metropolitan area here. It was the No. 5 program overall nationwide following the primetime dramas and newscast, and No. 1 in its timeslot," said Leng Raymundo, ABS-CBN vice president for program acquisition, quoting TNS ratings.

Top Philippine TV stations GMA Network and ABS-CBN are leading the way in importing Korean dramas.

In past years, GMA Network aired a score of dramas, including ``Full House," "All About Eve," "My Name is Sam Soon," "Stairway to Heaven," "Jewel in the Palace," "Endless Love I: Autumn in My Heart", "Endless Love II: Winter Sonata," among others, according to Joey Abacan, GMA Network vice president for Program Management.

ABS-CBN, for its part, has aired a number of Koreanovelas, including "Marrying a Millionaire," "101st Proposal," "Green Rose" and "Memories of Bali."

Abacan says Filipinos love Koreanovelas because they can relate to the stories.

"Filipinos love drama and stories that we can relate to. Most of the time, the Korean dramas are quite escapist and moving. Aside from the touching plotlines, the production is really a visual experience of places that most of us are not accustomed to seeing," he said.

ABS-CBN's Raymundo said Koreanovelas offer Filipino audiences a change of pace from local programming.

"Koreanovelas give viewers a different style of storytelling from usual Filipino soap operas, or "teleseryes." Since Korean dramas are aired only two hours a week, compared to the Filipino daily 30-minute episodes, viewers can expect a faster pace.

The production value of Korean dramas almost approximates those of Western series ― like a 'tele-movie.'

But at the same time, the core stories and the characters are not sacrificed for high-quality production. "There is clear character definition and the stories are expansive both in the physical and emotional sense," Raymundo said.

GMA Network started airing "Shining Inheritance" (also called "Brilliant Legacy") Aug. 31 in primetime. The series topped the ratings during its run in Korea.

In the coming weeks, the station will air dubbed episodes of "Cruel Temptation", "East of Eden" and ``Queen Seon Duk."

The success of Koreanovelas has also prompted ABS-CBN and GMA Network to do remakes.

Raymundo said ABS-CBN was the first with its version of "My Girl," which aired from March to August last year and became a ratings success. It also just finished airing a remake of "Only You," which was also a hit with the viewers.

"From the moment it launched, the series was always in the Top 5 primetime shows nationwide," she said.

GMA Network has cast Filipino stars for remakes of ``Stairway to Heaven" and ``Full House." It previously made an adaptation of ``My Name is Sam Soon."

ABS-CBN is set to air its own adaptation of "Lovers in Paris."

"Our viewers are also eagerly awaiting the adaptation of `Lovers in Paris.' The original version did very well for us ― introducing the characters of Vivian and Carlo to millions of Filipinos. We are hopeful that our viewers will embrace Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion's take on these roles," said Raymundo.

GMA Network is hopeful that it can bring actor Song Seung Hun, who starred in ``East of Eden," to the Philippines and meet his fans, Abacan said.

ABS-CBN said there are always plans by the station to invite not just Korean stars but those from Asianovelas. Some who have visited the Philippines are Lee Dong Wook, Kim Eugene, Calvin Chen and Wu Chun.

But why do Filipinos love Koreanovelas?

Raymundo said, "Koreanovelas are a perfect complement to our Filipino soaps and viewers find them refreshing."

"The Filipinos' taste becomes very discriminating, so we tend to ask for more of this novel experience," Abacan said.

Indeed, in the past several years, Filipino viewer tastes for dramas have evolved. They are no longer content with Filipino-made drama series, but welcome Asianovelas, including Korean drama series.

As long as they appeal to the taste of TV audiences, Koreanovelas will continue to warm the hearts of Filipinos.


Lily Allen Goes Grunge for Elle Cover

Lily Allen could easily be mistaken for Courtney Love in her recent grungy photoshoot for a fashion magazine.

The singer graces the cover and the inside pages of this month's issue of Elle magazine- which celebrate 25 years of London Fashion Week.

The shoot, dubbed ‘The Designer Remix’, sees Lily go blonde and in looks created specially by seven of London’s hottest designers, including Richard Nicholl, Luella Bartley and Giles Deacon. Shot by world renowned fashion photographer Rankin and styled by Elle fashion director Anne Marie Curtis, the images reveal a new, tough look for the controversial singer.

The October cover star speaks exclusively to Matthew D’Ancona about fame, personal ambition, self doubt and her reputation as ‘Loudmouth Lily.’ The interview unveils the heart behind Lily and also shows her new ‘older and wiser’ approach to life over the course of what she describes as “the year of the girl”. The trademark London street talk that connects Lily with other Londoners of her generation, makes way to reveal an unexpected shyness.

Lily’s famously opinionated outbursts seem to be something of the past when commenting about her relationships with fellow female artists Little Boots and Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine). “When I was younger, I really didn’t get on with them, but now I kind of do.” Uncharacteristically diplomatic or the start of a new phase for Lily Allen?

Kim HyunJoong, ‘with Tender Smile’, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ F4 Photobook

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

‘Boys Over Flowers’ F4 (Lee MinHo, Kim HyunJoong, KimBum, KimJoon) photo book ‘SOFF’ released in Japan will also be available in Korea.

This photo book was done during the broadcast KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in Feb, breaking away from their busy schedules, it was filmed in an European-styled building in a place in Korea. This collection consists of 168 pages which not only includes photos of the members but also a video ‘F4 Special Video DVD’ will also be released, hurrying many of their fans to place purchase for it. It has been ranked 1st as soon as the pre-order started.

This photo book ‘SOFF’ is the last product that F4 members would come together for, since the stars were busy with their own activities after drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, thus gaining even more attention.

F4 Lee MinHo, Kim HyunJoong, KimBum, KimJoon’s ‘SOFF’ photo book is currently available for pre-order in both Japan and Korea, and will be officially released on 5-Sep.

Actor Lee Byung-hun Teams Up with Karl Lagerfeld

Actor Lee Byung-hun, currently starring in the Hollywood blockbuster “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” as Storm Shadow, has joined hands with world-famous fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld in an ad campaign. Also a renowned artist, Lagerfeld will host a photo exhibition in Japan with Lee as his main model. Slated to open for two days starting on September 9, the photo show will be held at Space O in Tokyo under the title “Lee Byung-hun x Karl Lagerfeld.”

Having teamed up for a Japanese beauty site,, the two men met in Paris in mid-April for a shoot. Lee showed off his chiseled physique in front of Lagerfeld’s camera to produce an impressive set of photos. Lee says it’s been a great honor for him to collaborate with such a distinguished figure, because reportedly Lagerfeld very rarely takes photos of a movie star.

Lady Gaga Poses Naked in Magazine

Lady Gaga has posed naked for a top magazine- well at least she's ditched that ridiculous Kermit coat now then.

The singer was pictured completely starkers for the cover and an inside feature in Out magazine, reports the Sun.

Lady G took part in a gothic style shoot alongside a skeleton for the magazine.