Jay Chou films commercial with Kobe Bryant

Jay Chou films commercial with Kobe Bryant

source: MSN Entertainment
The Asian superstar also sang a song with the NBA player for the commercial

"Green is definitely my lucky colour," multi-talented Jay Chou declared.

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou was in Los Angeles, United States on Feb 21 to film a beverage commercial with NBA player Kobe Bryant.

Jay first made his debut in Hollywood with the movie The Green Hornet. This time, the singer would be venturing into Tinseltown with his music instead. Jay also claimed green as his lucky colour because it was the main colour for both his Hollywood movie debut and the commercial.

In the commercial, Jay was seen pitting his basketball skills against Kobe but due to his petite stature, Jay's attempts were always swatted away by the NBA player, who was a lot bigger than him.

"Kobe is like a wall. As confident as I might be, I feel dismayed [at not being able to shoot any hoops]," Jay said.

The singer added that he "usually did not have the chance to perform a slam dunk, but could finally have a taste of the move in the commercial".

Jay also did a song with Kobe, titled 'The Heaven and Earth Battle', in the commercial where he sang and Kobe rapped. This was Jay's first time working with a foreigner on his song.

"Our collaboration would surely be incomparable and invincible," Jay said.

Kobe also expressed that he "liked it very much" after hearing the song for the first time.

After news of their collaboration was announced, netizens gave positive reviews, calling them the "Dynamic Duo".

Wu Chun drops out of Absolute Boyfriend and remains without contract

Source: Nownews
Written by: Zahra on 2/22/2011 @ CpopAccess.com 

It's recently been revealed that Wu Chun's contracts with HIM and Comic had expired at the end of last year and there are no signs of him renewing the contracts after two months. He has stated before that the reason he would stop singing would be for his father. While there have still been promotions for a Fahrenheit album release, all the work Wu Chun has done for it was merely to fill the last of the requirements of his contract.

It has also been leaked that Wu Chun has dropped out of both his upcoming series (Absolute Boyfriend) and movie (Summer Holiday 2) leading to many speculations of him preparing to leave the entertainment industry. As of present, Wu Chun has expressed when interviewed that he has thought about leaving. For his fans, though, he will not depart rashly. However, he will not be putting his whole heart into the entertainment industry in the future.

In the five years he has been in showbiz, Wu Chun has only been able to take a vacation on New Year each year. This has been making him feel ashamed at the neglect over his own family and has previously been made to think about working less and spending more time taking care of his father. Wu Chun's father also hoped that his son did not have to work so hard and go back to Brunei to led a simple life. Thus, at the end of his contract last year, Wu Chun moved back to Brunei, and has been there since.

On February 13th, the third branch of Wu Chun's fitness gym opened and when he was interviewed then, he finally revealed what he was truly thinking. "I have always said that if I was happy doing what I did, then I would continue. If I wasn't happy, I would return to Brunei. Everyone knows that the entertainment industry isn't the only thing I partake in. The company has discussed renewing the contact with me, but I have not made a decision on my future yet, so I've been pushing it off." Wu Chun also emphasized that Brunei is his true home. Seeing how happy he was at being home, he was asked whether he really hadn't thought about leaving the industry to which he answered, "I do want to a little because I really miss my family. Since coming back home, I have been very happy, but also feel a bit guilty because I didn't take good care of my father in the past and wasn't able to accompany him to the doctors for his back and legs."

Thinking about the past five years, he said, "I originally had a pretty good life, but I also had a sense of accomplishment when living a life where I could take care of myself. At the same time, that satisfaction was cut in half. The half I lost was spending time with my family and my freedom. I actually don't have much confidence in my acting, most of the force that pushed me was from my fans, so I won't speak of quitting so easily. I will continue working, but I require a lot of freedom and will only take on jobs I like." Regarding work in the entertainment industry, he said, "It requires sacrifice. I really cherish everything that I learned each day while working. It will be helpful in all the decisions I make in the future. Even if it will be hard, I will face everything with a positive attitude."

Could this really be the end of Fahrenheit?

Group Sheds Pounds, Gains Passion For Workouts

Bandar Seri Begawan - Fifty participants of the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic got fresh motivation to work harder to lose the extra pounds yesterday after getting a taste of working out in a fully-equipped gym at Fitness Zone in Serusop.

The Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, formerly known as Health Body Clinic was introduced two years ago and Fitness Zone joined the effort, to promote a healthy lifestyle last June.

The programme helps the participants who have a Body Mass Index of over 30 to reduce their weight. And one of the components of the programme is physical exercise whereby participants are taught the correct way of exercising.

Previously, a gym instructor from Fitness Zone would go to Health Promotion Centre for the physical exercise programme but yesterday was special as participants went to the gym to exercise.

Dr Hajah Norhayati binti Hajah Mohd Kassim, Senior Medical Officer, in an interview said The participants have to complete a 10 to 12-week programme. There are four intakes each year and today's participants are the first intake for 2011".

In previous intakes, she revealed, "There was a high level of drop-out in the 10 to 12-week programme. This is because we followed strict rules in the programme. Anyone who didn't show up three times for the programme, we would terminate their participation".

She reminded that exercise alone is not enough to reduce one's weight. One needs to have self-discipline and motivation, especially in controlling food intake.

In addition to exercise, she revealed, "The Health Promotion Centre also provides a dietitian as well as personal counselling for the participants. We also provide a diary for each participant to record what they eat".

Dr Hajah Norhayati disclosed some of the problems faced by the programme, including participants coming back to the programme after three months to reduce their weight again after reducing their weight in previous programmes.

She said, "It is important for us to go back in 10 weeks time and review our participants to see how they are. To see if they learned the skills and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle independently."

Wu Chun, the Brunei-born superstar and owner of Fitness Zone said, "Fitness Zone is happy to tie up with the Ministry of Health. This programme started last year in June and Fitness Zone helped to provide fitness training assistance.

"As we know, Brunei has a high rate of obesity and we hope to (help) make a difference step by step," he added.

Wu Chun highlighted, "Previously, overweight people may have felt shy to work out and now (this) is no longer the case as more people want to get healthy. In Fitness Zone, we are providing the participants with different classes. The classes can be fun with great music that could attract the interest of the participants to stay longer."

When asked about how he stayed fit, the superstar said, "It's about a balanced diet. It's very important to balance food with exercise."

Wu Chun met the participants to motivate them to work harder and reminded them to never give up on working towards a healthy lifestyle. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Super Junior declared Korea's bestselling artist in 2010

Gaon Chart, South Korea’s version of the Billboard charts, has named K-pop boy band Super Junior the bestselling artist in South Korea for 2010.

Super Junior received the Bestselling Album award for “Bonamana”, the group’s fourth album, at the awards ceremony held Feb. 9. "Bonamana" ranked first for selling 200,193 copies in 2010.

Minister Choung Byoung-gug of Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism handed the award to Super Junior.

In his speech, Super Junior leader Leeteuk said they’re very happy with the award especially that it came from Gaon.

The Gaon Chart is South Korea’s official music chart and is managed by the Korean Music Content Industry Association (KMCIA).

Following Super Junior is fellow SM Entertainment group Girls Generation, which copped the second to fourth places.

Girls Generation’s second album “Oh” sold 197,934 to place second. The group’s third mini-album “Hoot” sold 163,066 copies to place third while the girl group’s “Run Devil Run” album sold 136,851 to place fourth.

Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P’s album sold 130,000 copies to place fifth while SHINee’s “Lucifer” album was at sixth for selling 124,961 copies.

2NE1’s “To Anyone” album ranked seventh with 122,845 copies sold. JYJ’s “The Beginning” was eight, selling 99,903 copies and Super Junior’s “Bonamana” repackage album placed at ninth with 99,355 copies sold.

JYJ’s “The Beginning” (New Limited Edition) and “The Beginning” (Luxury Package) ranked 10th and 11th by selling 98,311 and 92,649 copies, respectively.

Artists which ranked from 12th to 20th are: CNBlue’s “Bluetory” (77,183 copies sold), “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” official soundtrack (76,951), 2PM’s “Still 2:00 PM” (72,966), CNBlue’s “Blue Love” (71,468), KARA’s “Lupin” (64,782), SHINee’s “Hello” (63,118), SS501’s “Destination” (61,918), BEAST’s “Shock of the New Era” (59,868), and 2PM’s “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” (57,873).

On the other hand, Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” was No. 1 on Gaon’s online chart while Lee Sungchul topped the mobile chart.

Singers G.Na and Kang Seung Yoon were awarded the best female and male rookies for 2010.


SS501's Park Jung Min to star in idol drama

Source: Nextmedia
Written by: Zahra @ CpopAccess.com

Kpop idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, has plans to stay in Taiwan for quite a while as he will start filming a Taiwanese drama in May. He excitedly said, "Hopefully, the crew will arrange for many different shooting sites so that I can also do some sightseeing."

Arriving in Taiwan yesterday for his fan meeting, he expressed that he was very interesting in acting and will definitely arrive in Taiwan in May for an idol drama. Apparently, he's been brushing up on Taiwanese idol dramas and acting by watching Show Luo and Barbie Hsu's "Corner with Love." He's also been trying to learn Chinese and can now hold a simple conversation. As for his fans, he stated, "Kissing scenes are alright. If I have to worry about the reaction of the fans, then I will not be able to act at all."

On a side note, he has ended the diet he was on for his newest album and was showered with gifts of food by fans.