Wu Chun's face swollen from being slapped by Rainie

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Wu Chun fans’ hearts will surely ache. The handsome and fair-skinned Wu Chun was slapped in the face five to six times by co-star Rainie Yang during the filming of their new drama, “Sunshine Angel 陽光天使.” For the sake of realism, Rainie didn’t hold back, “That day, he turned into a ‘pig head’ (swollen face) after I hit him a couple of times.” And took two days for Wu Chun's face to heal. Furthermore, in another scene where she had to hit Wu Chun’s chest, she hit him so hard that she bruised him. Although Wu Chun went through much physical torture, he often made mistakes in his speech, causing Rainie to be angry. For example, he called Rainie a "busybody" when he wanted to say that she is a "considerate" person.

The drama held their press conference yesterday at Okinawa. Its production cost is around eighty million dollars (NT), and it is a collaboration between Taiwan, China, and Japan. But the media were more interested in Rainie and Wu Chun’s love lives. Wu Chun revealed that he has not dated for 14 years, while Rainie has also been single for almost six years. When Wu Chun was asked if he really has no desire to date, he responded, “I have strong willpower.”

Wu Chun has not dated for 14 years?!

The actor also denied rumours that he dated former co-star Ella Chen

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You'll think given his looks Wu Chun would not have problems finding a girlfriend, but you may be wrong.

Taiwanese heartthrob Wu Chun was in Okinawa, Japan, to promote his latest idol drama Yang Guang Tian Shi (loosely translated to Angel of Sunshine), which also features singer-actress Rainie Yang.

Yang Guang Tian Shi is a joint collaboration between Taiwan, China and Japan with production costs running up to TWD80m (S$4m). Even with that huge scale, the media still chose to focus on the love lives of the two stars.

Previously rumoured to have dated Taiwanese stars such as Angela Zhang, Ariel Lin and most recently, Ella Chen of girl group S.H.E., Wu Chun revealed to everyone's surprise that he has been single for the past 14 years.

Yet Ella had mentioned in an earlier interview that she still has feelings for a fellow actor she dated when working together on a previous drama, leading reporters to suspect that Wu Chun is the man in question.

The hunky star denied and said, "We are in love when acting in the show but outside of it, we are just good friends. We are still in contact too"

Rainie also stood up for Wu Chun, saying that unlike other male actors, Wu Chun does not flirt during his spare time, so working with him was a very relaxed experience.

She even complained that Wu Chun often ignores her and drifts off in conversations.

While Wu Chun explains that he is just being forgetful and not because he was not paying attention to Rainie, one still can't help but to wonder what is occupying the mind of this secretive hunk.

Rainie Yang and Wu Chun bonding just fine for latest idol drama

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When boy band Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun was cast as the lead actor for the upcoming Taiwanese drama “Sunshine Angel 陽光天使” alongside Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang, many thought that the shy, reserved, and cool-natured Wu Chun would make an incompatible coupling with the passionately zany and attention-loving Rainie. Yet once the two famous Taiwanese entertainers embarked to Shanghai for the filming of their new idol drama, their acting took on an authentic air of sweetheart romance during shooting, and their professional relationship off camera has been remarkably warm. The duo has often been seen chatting and laughing together on the set, and not only have they been eating together frequently, but they also have flirtatious arguments and give off an affectionate vibe

Wu Chun’s cold disposition thawed by Rainie

Wu Chun has been especially much of the talk alongside female stars with frank personalities, having been in scandals with girls such as previous idol drama co-stars Ella of girl group S.H.E and Angela Chang. Co-starring with Rainie this time around, Wu Chun’s long-known cold disposition has been “thawed” by Rainie once they went abroad for shooting. For instance, prior to filming the idol drama, Rainie Yang had praised Wu Chun for being handsome. Moreover, once they started filming on location in Shanghai, since the temperature for their outdoor scenes was chilly to the point of shivering despite already being June, the two would watch over each other and also venture out together during meal breaks.

Ill-fated couple on-screen, animated pair off-screen

In the idol drama, Rainie plays a pure, kind-hearted, and easy-going girl who encounters an unconventional Wu Chun. The two of them have many scenes with conflicts, one which involves them in a shabby area eating commoner food as they scowl at each other like an ill-fated couple. But once the cameras stop filming, Wu Chun would commence with his teasing at Rainie's expense. He would also quickly say “You’re dumb!” to Rainie, and when she asks what he just said, Wu Chun would lie by saying that he told her “You’re beautiful!” Furthermore, since Wu Chun’s real name is Wu Ji Zun, Rainie came up with the nickname "Xiao Ji" to Wu Chun, which progressed their relationship much further.

Wu Chun’s management commented that Rainie knows how to create an atmosphere, and that she would often tell jokes to everyone on the spot. Furthermore, his management commented that Wu Chun has been easy to get along with, as both him and Rainie have been interacting with each other like any regular encounter. Whether there’s any sort of romance involved, Wu Chun’s management is not aware of any. Rainie’s management added by explaining that the both of them are simply good friends that work close together and bond well with each other, and that people should not look at their professional relationship too deeply.

13-Year-Old Launches Fashion Line. Madonna's 13-Year-Old

13-Year-Old Launches Fashion Line. Madonna's 13-Year-Old

What ever Lola wants, Lola gets. And in the case of Madonna's little girl, that would be a career as a fashion designer.

Madonna is putting out a junior fashion line called (what else?) Material Girls to be released August 3 at Macy's and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, as the line's Creative Director reportedly helped design most of the looks. (Wonder if Lourdes reads The Sartorialist, one of TIME's Best Blogs.)

Lola (as she's called by her family) blogged on the clothing line's website that the looks will be 80s-inspired and luckily “the 80's are another huge obsession of mine.” (Note: it's also the era her mother is most famous for. Coincidence?).

Did we forget to mention that Lola is 13? She wasn't even a zygote in the 80's!

Now NewsFeed is by no means ageist—just because she's young doesn't disqualify her from having real talent. Fashion blogger Tavi is only 13 and she rocks! And the line could do really well. But in this case it's likely that Lola's design talent is really just riding on the fame coattails of her mother, who in turn seems like she's using her daughter's youth to give her junior line credibility.

Don't get us wrong; we actually aren't against Lola as a celebrity child. In fact, she's on the best end of the spectrum seeing as how she hasn't been shoved in the media's face since birth, the way the Jolie-Pitt army has.

But it's bad enough that celebrities feel that their fame is enough of a prerequisite to design clothing. Now, their children are getting in on it? Is there some talent to fame proximity ratio we don't know about?

What's next, a handbag line by Suri Cruise? (We shouldn't even joke).


Martial arts actor’s short fuse over height

HONG Kong martial arts actor Donnie Yen is upset at being described as too short to play the role of Guan Yu, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

Guan Yu, also known as Guan Gong, was one of the best-known Chinese historical figures to serve under Emperor Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms era.

Due to his loyal and righteous character, he has been deified and is widely worshipped by the Chinese, especially those living in the southern part of China and Hong Kong.

Yen, who recently starred as the legendary Wu Chun exponent Ip Man, had been asked by film director Alan Mak Siu-fai to take up the role as Guan Yu in the movie The Lost Bladesman.

During a press conference to announce the new film in Beijing, China, recently, Yen, who is 174cm tall, was asked if he had to wear “special shoes” to make him look taller on screen. According to historical records, Guan Yu was supposedly 274cm tall.

Yen seemed furious over the question and answered: “Of course, there are special shoes – many of them. It’s a costume movie ma!”

Mak then came to Yen’s rescue and said the ancient system used to measure height was smaller, thus making Guan Yu seem very tall.

> Sin Chew Daily reported that there were complaints that Singaporean employees were too “casually dressed”.

Due to the current hot weather, some Singa­poreans have taken to wearing leggings, jeans, bermuda shorts, T-shirt or even see-though shirt and slippers to work.

Protocol Academy image consultation company founder Teo Ser Lee said staff had to adhere to different dress codes in various industries

20 children tour German Pavilion with pop star WU Zun

20 children tour German Pavilion with pop star WU Zun


WU Zun, a well-known and loved TV star in China, recently visited the German Pavilion, “balancity”, with 20 children from migrant workers’ families. The visit was part of the “Expo Stars” series of events, in which various Chinese stars and starlets come to EXPO 2010 in Shanghai and visit the pavilions along with children from underprivileged families.

On Sunday, WU Zun came to balancity, where the singer and actor was welcomed by Pavilion Director Urte Fechter. The German Pavilion team had prepared goodie bags for the young visitors, which WU Zun presented to them. Many of the other Chinese visitors walking around balancity recognised the pop singer and grabbed the opportunity to take photos of him. In the VIP lounge, the 30-year-old tried a slice of German cake. His verdict? “Very yummy”.

Taking a tour of balancity: 20 children at WU Zun’s side © German Pavilion

VIP cake for a VIP: "Very yummy" © German Pavilion

A host guides the star and the children through the German Pavilion. © German Pavilion

Victoria Beckham Told to ‘Stick to Fashion’

The inquisitr : Victoria Beckham has been told to “stick to fashion”.The former Spice Girls star has been advised by Dane Bowers, who she collaborated with on the 2000 True Steppers single ‘Out of Your Mind’, not to return to the pop industry as her work as a designer is much better than her musical talent.

Dane told BANG Showbiz, “I think she should stick to fashion design but she’d probably say that herself. The whole fashion thing is definitely where her future lies.”

However, the 31-year-old singer insisted Victoria has more vocal ability than she is given credit for.He added, “She’s the first person to say that she’s no Mariah Carey but she can hold a tune. You don’t make it as far as the Spice Girls did if you can’t sing at all”.

Dane, who shot to fame as a member of Another Level, has no intention of staying away from the world of music.With a comeback single ‘All She Needs’ to be released on Sunday, July 4, the singer admitted that it is more difficult the second time around.

He revealed “People expect more from you when you’re well known, often they’re just waiting for you to fail. If you’re a new artist it’s a bit easier as people wait to see what you’re like”.

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