Agency Contract with Kim Hyung Joong to Expire

The agency contract between the leader of popular group SS501, Kim Hyung Joong (24), and his current agency DSPent will expire on June 8, so his every move is drawing people’s attention in the entertainment industry.

Kim Hyun Joong has actively worked as a group artist and, at the same time, he also appeared in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” and successfully established a solid foothold as an actor. He is an A-class star in the Foreign Agent market for this year's first half. People in the music industry are paying attention to his next agency because his move will have an effect on the activities of the group SS501, which is gaining huge popularity in Asian countries centering around the greater China region. As of May 6, according to a person who belongs to DSPent and close friends of other members, Kim Hyun Joong has not yet renewed his contract with his current agency, and many other agencies are suggesting a huge down payment be made to him to make a deal.

Members of SS501 reportedly had discussed future plans after their concert held in Saitama Arena in Tokyo. An executive director of a music entertainment agency who is acquainted with members of SS501 said, “Kim Hyun Joong may join the agency that three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki--who left the SM entertainment--belong to. Since those three members are actively working in Asian countries including Japan, those movements might be suitable for Kim Hyun Joong’s further activities. In particular, Kim Hyun Joong is now living with his best friend, Young Woong Jae Joong, and I heard that they had many discussions together about Kim Hyun Joong’s future plans.”

In addition, as it has been reported that Kim Hyun Joong met Bae Yong Joon several times, many interpretations are being made about the meeting between them. A person at DSPent said, “Kim Hyun Joong knows Bae Yong Joon personally, as he regards Bae as a senior actor.” But, other people in the music industry said, “Kim Hyun Joong might possibly want to discuss with Bae Yong Joon his future plans, such as activities in Japan. They are two big stars who can have a significant effect on the Hallyu market, so their meeting might produce something.”

Even in this situation, there is also a possibility that Kim Hyun Joong will stay with his current agency. A person in the music industry said, “He will make a comeback as a member of SS501, with a new album at the end of this month, so he might be able to discuss remaining with his agency for a month.” Even though there are many predictions about Kim Hyun Joong’s possible future agencies, people in the music industry cannot easily be sure of the future plans of SS501 as a group. A person close to the group Shin Hwa said, “Members of the group GOD belonged to two different agencies, and also the members of Shin Hwa later transferred to different agencies, but they still worked together as a group for their album. So, even though Kim Hyun Joong’s agency is changed to another agency, SS501 might continue their activities as a group if every member wants to do so.”

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