DDB Shanghai launches Lipton China's “Golden Ratio” campaign

Shanghai: In the last two years, DDB Shanghai has been on a mission to help build Lipton as the world’s tea expert. The recent “Golden Ratio” campaign marks another milestone in the journey, this time by demonstrating the product story in a simple and fascinating way. The objective of the campaign is to continue to leverage Lipton’s tea credential to build its milk tea business in order to differentiate in the me-too category. The key is how to present the product story in an unique and impressive way that’s never-before-seen by the consumers.

The campaign features Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lipton’s ambassador for the last two years. When he drinks Lipton’s milk tea, something magical starts to happen. Not only is he being transformed, the demonstration of the product ingredients is cleverly and beautifully weaved into the story. The end result is a simple and yet delightful ad.

“The entire ad is beautiful. In our business, authenticity and deliciousness are critical. DDB has done a superb job in raising the bar. Have you ever seen product demonstration this perfect?”, said Jane Huang, Director of Lipton BD China.

“This ad is a labor of love. In a 15-second ad, every frame is precious and, therefore, carefully designed. We wanted to have the most delicious product shot so we knew we wanted to shoot real tea and milk liquid.  This entailed prop-building and countless testing, “ said Michael Dee, Chief Creative Officer of DDB China.


Client: Lipton China

Agency: DDB Shanghai

Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee

Producer: George Ooi

Director-In-Charge: Margaret Wu

Production House: China Film

Director: Masami Kamiyama


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