Ivory Music & Video, the exclusive licensee and distributor of Sony Music in the Philippines, adds one of Philippine Hip-Hop's most promising emcees to its fold!

Abra, the main man behind Artifice Records, started out in a Hip-Hop group called LDP, the Lyrically Deranged Poets, releasing their independent debut album entitled The Project back in 2009, and having their first major concert at the legendary Music Museum in 2010. LDP was awarded as the Best Urban Group in both the 2010 and 2011 Urban Music Awards, and also received other nominations. In 2011, LDP was granted TV air time on MYX for the music video of their song, Here to Own It, which was able to enter the charts.

Young, determined, and talented, Abra’s exceptional lyricism, extensive vocabulary, ingenious literary technique, speed and lucidity of delivery, and fiery stage presence make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Clever in both Tagalog and English, this rap artist has indeed captured the attention of numerous fans and listeners.

When the FlipTop and Sunugan rap battle leagues came about in 2010, Abra was one of the first battle emcees to compete and gradually make a name for himself. After a couple of intense rap battles, Abra has been considered as one of the heavyweights in Filipino rap battling. He was well known for his chart-topping hit song “Gayuma,” which has reached more that 21M YouTube views. The song peaked at #1 on YouTube Philippines and garnered 2 million views on its first week. And now, coming back with a bigger, even better video, Abra didn’t fail his fans with his brand new video “Ilusyon” featuring Arci Munoz.

Using his compelling lyrical style coupled with witty antics, he is able to impress viewers and artists alike; and has YouTube videos that have amassed millions of views. It did not take long until Abra was able to perform on live television, radio shows and various events across the country.

ABRA’S NEW ALBUM IN STORES AUGUST 2013! He is also set to have his first major solo concert!

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