Fashion Photography Clinic Complete with Raymund Isaac

PCCI Institute of Photography presents the Special One-Time Only 5-Day Intensive Workshop 

Fashion Photography Clinic Complete with Raymund Isaac
on October 4, 11, 18 /  November 8, 15

One field that will always rely on a skilled photographer to present it in the best light is the fashion industry. Digital cameras and image editors can never replace a fashion photographer who knows and understands styling, makeup, directing, and execution of a visual concept, and not just posing a model.

This special, one-time, comprehensive clinic produced by famous fashion and celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac immerses the student in the tiniest details of a fashion shoot, whether for an advertising or editorial layout.

"Shooting the layout" is the easy way out for a photographer, but directing and taking complete control over a fashion shoot distinguishes one photographer from another, which is what clients look for.

Participants have the option of signing up for all five (ideal) sessions or for any three sessions. Enrolment in the last session (Open Shoot) requires enrolment in at least one of the first four sessions.

Five-day clinic coverage
(Maximum 15 participants per day)

October 4:
Lighting For Fashion + Advertising + Portraits + Magazine
(session with model)
Instructor: Raymund Isaac

October 11:
Styling For Photo Shoots
(session with model)
Instructor: Raymund Isaac with stylist

October 18:
Make Up For Photo Shoots
(session with model)
Instructor: Raymund Isaac with makeup artist

November 8:
Directing Models + Conceptual Photo Shoot
(session with model)
Instructor: Raymund Isaac

November 15:
Actual Application (Open Shoot) with Makeup, Hair, and Stylist
(with male and female models)
Instructor: Raymund Isaac
(requires registration in at least one of the other Clinic classes)

Participants must bring a point-and-shoot camera and an SLR or mirrorless/CSC (compact system camera). This is required of all participants.

Maximum 15 participants per session.

Who will benefit
Mainly, professional photographers who are doing or intend to do fashion photography for publications and advertisers
Portrait photographers
In-house photography staff of newspapers and magazines

Completion of the PCCI basic photography workshop or equivalent
Working knowledge of basic camera functions, parts, and accessories

Raymund Isaac has been in the advertising, fashion and beauty business for 30 years. His expertise includes photography, directing music videos, art and creative direction, visual marketing consultancy, production design and teaching. He is president of Portfolio Photography & Studio Inc., publisher of Where Magazine, Canon camera brand ambassador, and current president of the Photographers' Guild of the Philippines.

Raymund will be assisted by a noted stylist and makeup artist from the advertising and editorial fields on the days indicated.

Class hours
Class hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Workshop Fee
P4,500 per whole day session (Last day requires enrolment in at least one other session)
P18,000 for five days (20% discount)
P12,150 for any three days (10% discount)
Class fees include lunch and snacks.
Includes certificate of attendance for each class.

Inquiry & registration
If you're interested, phone us at (2) 759-3087, or email
You can also visit our website:

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