Fahrenheit guys' hot cities

AS PART of their newly released pictorial book At The Beginning, Fahrenheit, the four members of hot Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit visited several cities in the region and penned their thoughts on them.

Wu Chun, 29, and Calvin Chen, 28, revealed a special fondness for Singapore.

Here are what the four lads have to say about their favourite tour spots.

Wu Chun: Singapore gives me childhood memories

As Fahrenheit's team leader, Wu Chun had the opportunity to have his photo shoots done in three spots - Shanghai, Singapore and the Maldives.

All three left a deep impression on him, but Singapore felt closest to his country of birth, Brunei.

'Singapore's very close to Brunei, so growing up, it was a country my family visited most often for holidays,' said the hunk.

'Now, I visit Singapore frequently too, be it for promotional work as an artiste or for my business dealings. I sometimes bump into former classmates there!'

Wu Chun said Singapore gives him with a sense of nostalgia, whereas the Maldives are 'similar to Brunei when it comes to scenery'.

'There are plenty of islands in the Maldives; the sea and sky make a beautiful picture, just like in Brunei.'

As for Shanghai, he loves it for the fast-paced energy it exudes.

'I can totally see why the F1 race is held there. If I can have a first-hand experience of driving a car on the tracks itself, that would be most wonderful!'

Jiro Wang: A learning journey in Beijing

Being in Beijing, where 28-year-old Jiro Wang's did his photo shoot, turned out to be an eye-opener for him.

'Beijing is China's cultural hub. Being immersed in the city, you will inevitably be more sensitive to your surroundings and feel for all the sights and sounds around you,' said the boyish singer.

'I picked up the traditional form of Chinese painting and realised that with many experienced masters guiding me, I could learn faster!'

Calvin Chen: Singapore reminds me of Vancouver

Like bandmate Wu Chun, Calvin too loves Singapore, but for a different reason.

'Somehow, Singapore reminds me of my student days in Vancouver,' he said.

At 17, after graduating from Jian-Guo High School in Taipei, Calvin's parents sent him to Vancouver to further his studies.

'Singapore's official language is English, just like Vancouver. I was very young when I studied there and those were really good times,' he said.

'Though I couldn't go back to Vancouver this time, going to Singapore evoked many lovely memories of the time I spent there.'

Aaron Yan: Shanghai is like a woman

As for Aaron, 23, he picked Shanghai for his photo shoot because 'I adore the old Shanghai melodies, where glamour and theatre rule'.

'Since I was given the chance to recreate that spirit of old Shnaghai through photos, I decided to pose in front of a grand piano.'

He added that Shanghai is 'like a sexy woman' to him.

'In the day, she is lively and bubbly. At night, she becomes a tai-tai, sashaying through town!'


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