Martial arts actor’s short fuse over height

HONG Kong martial arts actor Donnie Yen is upset at being described as too short to play the role of Guan Yu, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

Guan Yu, also known as Guan Gong, was one of the best-known Chinese historical figures to serve under Emperor Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms era.

Due to his loyal and righteous character, he has been deified and is widely worshipped by the Chinese, especially those living in the southern part of China and Hong Kong.

Yen, who recently starred as the legendary Wu Chun exponent Ip Man, had been asked by film director Alan Mak Siu-fai to take up the role as Guan Yu in the movie The Lost Bladesman.

During a press conference to announce the new film in Beijing, China, recently, Yen, who is 174cm tall, was asked if he had to wear “special shoes” to make him look taller on screen. According to historical records, Guan Yu was supposedly 274cm tall.

Yen seemed furious over the question and answered: “Of course, there are special shoes – many of them. It’s a costume movie ma!”

Mak then came to Yen’s rescue and said the ancient system used to measure height was smaller, thus making Guan Yu seem very tall.

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Due to the current hot weather, some Singa­poreans have taken to wearing leggings, jeans, bermuda shorts, T-shirt or even see-though shirt and slippers to work.

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