Wu Chun's face swollen from being slapped by Rainie

Source: Ming Pao, Appledaily TW
Credit : fufu @ CpopAccess.com

Wu Chun fans’ hearts will surely ache. The handsome and fair-skinned Wu Chun was slapped in the face five to six times by co-star Rainie Yang during the filming of their new drama, “Sunshine Angel 陽光天使.” For the sake of realism, Rainie didn’t hold back, “That day, he turned into a ‘pig head’ (swollen face) after I hit him a couple of times.” And took two days for Wu Chun's face to heal. Furthermore, in another scene where she had to hit Wu Chun’s chest, she hit him so hard that she bruised him. Although Wu Chun went through much physical torture, he often made mistakes in his speech, causing Rainie to be angry. For example, he called Rainie a "busybody" when he wanted to say that she is a "considerate" person.

The drama held their press conference yesterday at Okinawa. Its production cost is around eighty million dollars (NT), and it is a collaboration between Taiwan, China, and Japan. But the media were more interested in Rainie and Wu Chun’s love lives. Wu Chun revealed that he has not dated for 14 years, while Rainie has also been single for almost six years. When Wu Chun was asked if he really has no desire to date, he responded, “I have strong willpower.”

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