Selina suffers burns from explosion accident on the set of new drama

Source: Nownews, Sina, UDN
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Selina Ren of S.H.E was seriously injured during an accident on the set of her new drama in Shanghai. Early rumors suggested that she received burns of varying degrees (50% in one version), but were later denied by her record company. HIM records posted the following message on their website:

“Thank you for everyone’s concern on Selina’s injury during the filming of her drama!
Selina received burns from an accident this afternoon while filming an explosion scene in Shanghai. Her condition is currently stable after she has been taken to the hospital. She is currently resting.
Please don’t worry! Executives from the company, her dad and Ah Chong (her fiancé) have flown to Shanghai right away. They will give Selina the best medical treatment and care. Her two pals were also notified immediately. Since they already have activities scheduled for tomorrow, Hebe and Ella will gather themselves up and complete their tasks.
Thank you for everyone’s concern, and please give Selina your best wishes.”

Selina was in Shanghai to film the TV adaptation of the 1994 movie “I have a date with spring”. She and costar Yu Hao Ming(俞灝明) were shooting an explosion scene on the morning of the 22nd. According to news sources, Yu noticed something went wrong and tried to shield her from the accident. He was said to have suffered even more serious burns as a result.

HIM Records executive Derek Shih provided additional updates on his blog: Selina is suffering from 3rd degree burns on her arms, legs and back which will require skin grafts. Her family and doctors are discussing the possibility of transporting her back to Taiwan for further treatment. They have submitted a request with the International SOS (same medical service that flew cameraman Ko Chang back home after he was shot in India.)

Shih explained that the accident happened around 4pm on the 22nd. The explosives went off early during a scene which resulted in the accident. They rehearsed 6 to 7 times prior to filming without any problems. On rumors of the seriously injured Yu Hao Ming, Shih asked fans to refrain from visiting the hospital and pray for the two actors instead.

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