Jay Chou films commercial with Kobe Bryant

Jay Chou films commercial with Kobe Bryant

source: MSN Entertainment
The Asian superstar also sang a song with the NBA player for the commercial

"Green is definitely my lucky colour," multi-talented Jay Chou declared.

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou was in Los Angeles, United States on Feb 21 to film a beverage commercial with NBA player Kobe Bryant.

Jay first made his debut in Hollywood with the movie The Green Hornet. This time, the singer would be venturing into Tinseltown with his music instead. Jay also claimed green as his lucky colour because it was the main colour for both his Hollywood movie debut and the commercial.

In the commercial, Jay was seen pitting his basketball skills against Kobe but due to his petite stature, Jay's attempts were always swatted away by the NBA player, who was a lot bigger than him.

"Kobe is like a wall. As confident as I might be, I feel dismayed [at not being able to shoot any hoops]," Jay said.

The singer added that he "usually did not have the chance to perform a slam dunk, but could finally have a taste of the move in the commercial".

Jay also did a song with Kobe, titled 'The Heaven and Earth Battle', in the commercial where he sang and Kobe rapped. This was Jay's first time working with a foreigner on his song.

"Our collaboration would surely be incomparable and invincible," Jay said.

Kobe also expressed that he "liked it very much" after hearing the song for the first time.

After news of their collaboration was announced, netizens gave positive reviews, calling them the "Dynamic Duo".

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