SS501's Park Jung Min to star in idol drama

Source: Nextmedia
Written by: Zahra @

Kpop idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, has plans to stay in Taiwan for quite a while as he will start filming a Taiwanese drama in May. He excitedly said, "Hopefully, the crew will arrange for many different shooting sites so that I can also do some sightseeing."

Arriving in Taiwan yesterday for his fan meeting, he expressed that he was very interesting in acting and will definitely arrive in Taiwan in May for an idol drama. Apparently, he's been brushing up on Taiwanese idol dramas and acting by watching Show Luo and Barbie Hsu's "Corner with Love." He's also been trying to learn Chinese and can now hold a simple conversation. As for his fans, he stated, "Kissing scenes are alright. If I have to worry about the reaction of the fans, then I will not be able to act at all."

On a side note, he has ended the diet he was on for his newest album and was showered with gifts of food by fans.

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