Barbie Hsu says “I do!”

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu is now Mrs. Wang. Yesterday, the actress got married to Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei in front of 300 guests, at Sanya, Hainan Island in China.

Despite the ban on recording devices and handphones, photos from the couple's wedding were still leaked.

Kevin Tsai, who was the host for the wedding, updated his microblog in the afternoon, showing a pair of shoes he designed specially for Barbie.

He also uploaded pictures of the wedding cakes, one of which had the letters "WS" which stood for the newlyweds.

Kevin wrote, "Love is like a magic lamp. It's only when you hold it to your chest and pray to it sincerely, you will know how many wishes it would grant you and how it would grant you these wishes."

The Here Comes Kang Xi host also revealed that the wedding was held at a small white church near the swimming pool and that wedding sweets were given to friends and relatives.

Guests who turned up at the joyous event included bridesmaids Pace Wu, Makiyo and Aya, A-Mei, Christine Fan, Blackie Chen, Na Ying and her husband, Li Yapeng, former Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata and Huang Xiaoming.

Although the skies turned dark and strong winds started blowing, the wedding still began promptly at 5pm.

Younger sister Dee Hsu's daughters were the flower girls at the wedding. They walked down the aisle in front of the bride, who was given away by her father. Barbie was then handed over to Xiaofei and Kevin presided over the oath-taking.

When Barbie was asked if she was willing to marry Xiaofei, the actress shouted, "I super do!"

Each guest was also given a balloon with a sunflower seed inside it, prior to the ceremony. When it ended, the guests let go of their balloons, allowing them to soar into the sky, signifying the couple's love for each other.

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