Kelly Lin to wed today at the Maldives

The Taiwanese actress is marrying Chinese-American businessman Chris Young

Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin will hold her wedding ceremony with Chinese-American Chris Young today.

It was previously speculated that she will walk down the aisle on Mar 20.

The couple and their family had arrived at the Maldives on Mar 25. The next day, Kelly and Chris mingled with their guests. Chris also helped to hand out drinks to friends and relatives.

Meeting Kelly's relatives for the first time, Chris introduced himself in fluent Mandarin.

"I'm Chris Young. 'Yang' is spelt as 'Young' and my Chinese name is Yang Chen. I own a clothing business -- a small brand, known as Smart Threads -- in America," Chris said.

Kelly and Chris then returned to their room to rest.

In the evening, Kelly appeared at the beach in a white gown, ready for her wedding photo shoot. However, Chris seemed to look nervous under the scrutiny of Kelly's father and relatives.

"Dad, don't look from the sidelines. He's nervous," the actress said.

Kelly later changed into a red, bareback dress, which exuded sexiness and beauty.

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