Why do we love wearing jeans?

You never fail to have these on your closets. It is probably the most popular wardrobe for all ages. You even seek a new pair whenever you see new designs. You also love decorating it with gems and hand painted it. Did you know that jeans was originally created for work and not for casual wears? It became popular in the 1950s. Such classic brands to name include Levi's and Wrangler. And became an icon to Americans and now to all races. Below are the reasons why do we love wearing jeans:

1. Quality – Jeans comes from a kind of material made in Europe. Named after Sailors from Genoa, Italy – the word “denim” came from a French material (Nimes, France) “Serge de Nimes.” A traditional denim composes of durable twill-woven cotton fabric with coloured (usually blue) warp and white filling threads; it is also woven in coloured stripes. Now, denims are made from polyamid, lycra, polypropylene or with polyester for more active look. Also comes with two-way stretch fabrics and special coatings for jeans to be a strong and last longer.

2. Design – There are different categories of jeans, these are: ankle jeans, baggy jeans, bootcut, carpenter jeans, classic, hip-huggers, loose, shaggy, skinny and other many types. Manufacturers keep on producing and designing new styles and discover new fabrics for enhancement of their products. Before buying, check out which style suits your body.

3. Price – Jeans aren't that expensive. You can wear it for a long time, some love wearing them until it worn out. Many do style their jeans by cutting and pasting patches to look different. Even girls do turn their denim pants into skirts or bags to make it more fashionable.

4. Easy to Wear – We usually love wearing comfortable clothes, that's why we always prefer wearing jeans. It doesn't get dirty nor crumple easily. This is the safest option to wear whenever you go out shopping, or just want to hang out with your friends.

5. Jeans are forever – Considering the innovations made by different manufacturers, jeans are still going to stay for a long period of time. It won't leave our generation, making it in high fashion statement.

For the past several years, denim has been reinvented and new products were introduced from time to time. Making it a symbol of fashion and lifestyle, designers keep on inventing new concepts. Creativeness outshine the industry from our usual day to day casual jeans into handbags, home collections, cushions, bed sheets and furniture coverings. As time goes by, nothing not a single wardrobe in your closet will replace our Jeans.

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