Takeshi Kaneshiro: Still single and waiting for love

The heartthrob denied rumours of getting married during his interview at Cannes

As the only Chinese movie participating in the 64th Cannes Movie Festival, Wu Xia attracted immense attention with screening activities, parties and red carpet events at the venue.

The official world premiere for Wu Xia started at 12am and attracted 2,300 audiences into the Lumiere Theater. After the screening, the movie received a three-minute long standing ovation, which moved the actors and team to tears.

The handsome Takeshi Kaneshiro appeared at the red carpet event decked in a smart black suit and stubble. Fans screamed his name and one female reporter from China even swooned, "He is so handsome!"

Known for his low-profile personal life, Takeshi is often rumored to be married.

Two years ago, the actor was said to have married to a Japanese girl and she was pregnant at the time of their wedding. However, his manager denied the rumour, although Takeshi had never clarified the speculation personally.

When asked about his current martial status, Takeshi said, "No I've never gotten married before. It has always been a media speculation. I'm still single."

He added that he's leaving it up to fate now.

In the movie Wu Xia, Takeshi spoke with a Szechuan dialect. However, the actor admitted that he had forgotten how to speak in the dialect now.

Actress Li Xiao Ran plays Takeshi's wife in the movie. She made everyone laughed when she said that she was completely dizzy on the first day of filming because she liked Takeshi a lot.

The embarrassed Takeshi pretended to wipe his perspiration, upon hearing Xiao Ran's confession.


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