Ella apologises for her online outburst

Taiwanese pop singer apologises to fans on her microblog and admits to having a low EQ\

Fans of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E.'s Ella Chen, who visited the star while she was filming a new movie, complained to her record company and manager that Ella was overworked and even injured herself.

Upon receiving the news, Ella took to her microblog, saying, "Please do not speak on behalf of me and think that this is a sign of love. I don't need the extra trouble."

She added, "If you think my job is difficult, then, I guess I should do nothing but stay at home all day long."

Her outburst and remarks went down badly with her fans and they slammed her for being ungrateful.

The singer eventually apologised to her fans on her microblog, saying, "Even at the age of 30, I still have such low EQ. Your replies sure gave me a good lesson!"

Her record company added, "Fans can rest assure that we will take care of all artistes, as they are very precious to us."


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