Wu Chun rumoured to have a four-month-old daughter

The Bruneian heartthrob was said to be married to his sweetheart of 15 years

According to a Hong Kong tabloid, 32-year-old Bruneian actor Wu Chun became a father in February this year.

Apparently, the member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit became engaged to his sweetheart of 15 years in 2008. The couple then got married one year later and earlier this year, a daughter was born.

The tabloid reported that the long-haired girl, who often visits Wu Chun's family home in Brunei, is 31-year-old Lin Li Ying. She had supposedly been dating Wu Chun since she was 16 and the couple had a steady relationship in the last 15 years.

Recently, baby apparel was spotting hanging at the balcony on the third floor of the house, fuelling speculations that there might be a newborn baby in the Wu residence.

The tabloid further added that Wu Chun's marriage is not a secret in Brunei. However, worried that the news might impose his showbiz career, the actor's family and friends had been working hard to keep it a secret from the media.

Responding to the report, Wu Chun's manager denied the allegations, saying that Wu Chun had been very busy, and had no time to get married and have kids.


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