Ariel Lin to stop acting in dramas

Many speculated that Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin's health was deteriorating when she suddenly announced that she would stop acting in dramas.

Yesterday, Ariel, who suffered from a pituitary sella cyst two years ago, said that she would be reducing her future workload and had no plans of releasing another record.

While some speculate that the actress may be sick again, others questioned if she had made the decision in the name of love.

Ariel clarified that her ailment is untreatable and may recur even after surgery. Heeding her mother's advice, Ariel decided that her family is more important.

"I still love to act, but my health condition is not as good as it used to be. I think I should work within my health limit and set aside some time for people who are important to me," Ariel said.

When Ariel was filming her new drama series I May Not Love You in April, the actress had frequently fallen ill with tonsil inflammation because of the hot weather and her slow metabolism rate.

"It's tough to be the female lead for a drama series. It's like going through military boot camp, where [one's heart and soul] cannot have proper balance," the actress described.

Ariel's boyfriend Cheng Jia Yao had been visiting her on the set constantly.

When asked if she was departing showbiz because of love, Ariel laughed, "I merely wanted him to understand my job. After all, he may be my family member in future."

However, the actress wished for privacy when it came to marriage.

"I've always lived up to everyone's expectations throughout the years. When it comes to [marriage], I may want to be a little selfish," Ariel said, suggesting that she would not be having a high-profile wedding.

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