Alicia Keys grows more womanly

Alicia Keys feels more centred and ''womanly'' since becoming a mother to son Egypt, nine months.

Alicia Keys feels 'more womanly' since becoming a mother.

The 30-year-old singer - who has a nine-month-old son Egypt with husband Swizz Beatz - has found parenthood has made her more content and 'connected' with herself.

She said: 'It's about becoming more centred in myself. Having the baby has connected me to a deep, more womanly place.'

Alicia also described her marriage to Swizz - whose real name is Kasseem Dean - as 'very equal'.

She said: 'We have a very equal relationship. Equal is my favourite word.'

The 'Empire State of Mind' hitmaker is upset about the sexualisation of pop music, and was astonished at the sight she was greeted by at her goddaughter's recent birthday party.

She explained: 'There were little girls emulating the dance moves they'd seen on TV, like six-year-old strippers.

'I'm going to have to teach my son by example.'

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