No baby pressure for Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu's mum speaks up for her daughter when quizzed by reporters of her suspected pregnancy

Ever since Taiwanese actress Barbie married Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei, there has been constant speculations of her pregnancy because of her sudden weight gain and her choice of loose clothing and flats.

A few days ago, a netizen spotted the actress at a hospital in Beijing. She held hands with her husband and appeared pregnant, fuelling speculations that she might have successfully conceived a baby.

However, when asked about Barbie's expectancy yesterday, the actress' mother denied the rumours and explained, "No, [Barbie is not pregnant]. Xiaofei has been under a lot of pressure lately, even his lips are chipped. Barbie was just accompanying him to see a doctor."

The matriarch also further urged the media not to give Barbie too much pressure.

"We'll share the good news when Barbie's pregnant. Don't put pressure on her. If the media stop asking, she will have less pressure; when there's less pressure, the possibility of conceiving is also higher," Barbie's mother said.

A staunch vegetarian, the PETA ambassador insisted on keeping to her vegetarian habits while trying for a child. To help condition her body and prepare it for her future pregnancy, Barbie's mother-in-law Zhang Lan, has been consistently feeding her with Chinese herbs. When the actress returns to her own home, her mother will also cook nutritious vegetarian meals for her.

News of Barbie's pregnancy may be rumours, but the 34-year-old's mum remains very optimistic of the situation.

"Barbie will become pregnant eventually, so long as she's young and healthy," she said.

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