Wu Chun Celebrates 32nd Birthday With “Valiant Legend” Cast

October 10th was Wu Chun’s (吴尊) 32nd birthday. Wu Chun was currently filming Ronny Yu’s (于仁泰) new movie, Valiant Legend in the outskirts of Beijing. Since his presence was required in many scenes, Wu Chun was unable to take time off to celebrate his birthday with his family and remained in the Beijing area to work instead.

On Wu Chun’s birthday, he filmed scenes where the Yang family of warriors were besieged by their enemies. On the set were Adam Cheung (郑少秋), who played the Yang patriarch, Ekin Cheng (郑伊健) as the elder Yang son, Yu Bo (于波) as the second son, Vic Zhou (周渝民) as the third son, Liny Li (李晨) as the fourth son, Raymond Lam (林峰) as the fifth son, and Fu Xinbo (付辛博) as the seventh son.

The cast and crew of Valiant Legend planned a surprise party for Wu Chun and everyone was forbidden to wish him a happy birthday earlier in the day. A birthday cake was ordered in advance and the crew hoped to give Wu Chun a memorable birthday. The day’s filming took place at a remote desert location, which required several hours back and forth driving from the center of Beijing. In early dawn, a crew member picked up the birthday cake to deliver to the filming location by noon time for the celebration.
The plans for the surprise birthday celebration were implmented very successfully. Prior to lunch time, Wu Chun stayed on the set to film a close-up shot. Contrary to their normal routine, Adam Cheng and the other six “Yang sons” abruptly left to go eat lunch without Wu Chun, who was left alone with crew members. In fact, everyone waited by the studio door for Wu Chun to finish filming so they can surprise him with the birthday cake. When Wu Chun saw Adam Cheng and his other “brothers” gathered together singing a happy birthday song, he was surprised and very moved.

Wu Chun said happily, “My past birthdays were normally celebrated with my father at home. This year, I had to stay in Beijing to fim as recent scenes required the presence of all the cast members; I cannot have everyone wait for me to come back. Although my birthday was spent in the studio, I never expected everyone to celebrate with me. When I saw my father and brothers from the movie singing a birthday song, that moment felt really warm and touching! It was the first time I celebrated my birthday with so many brothers and crew members. Fortunately the size of the birthday cake was large enough to share with everyone!”

Normally loving to play the most, Ekin Cheng and Raymond Lam said, “Since we have filmed together for more than a month, we got along like real brothers. It was very difficult to hold back and not wish Wu Chun a happy birthday earlier in the morning. When it was lunch time, we had to pretend to leave without him. Normally, we would always eat lunch with him. When we saw Wu Chun’s expression upon holding the birthday cake, we knew that our plan was a big success!”

By Jayne on October 12, 2011
Source: Sohu.com

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