Alexander McQueen Found Dead Updates: Is Isabella Blow’s Death related?

The British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home this Thursday, February 11. It was said that he committed suicide. He died at the age of 40. He was found in his luxury flat in Green Park, Central London, where it is believed he hanged himself.

Was the death of his mother a factor for his suicide? He died just days after the loss of his mother, Joyce. It is still unknown if it has something to do with her mother’s death. George Blodwell said that McQueen’s mother’s recent death was a major factor in his suicide.

There’s an issue arising that Alexander McQueen’s death can also be related to Isabella Blow’s death. Can that be true? We know that Isabella Blow was an important female person in Alexander McQueen’s life. Isabella Blow died 3 years ago.

Fashion history has Alexander McQueen signing a lucrative deal with Gucci in 2000, a deal which was reportedly initiated by Isabella Blow. Blow felt left out because McQueen did not take her along when he sold his brand to Gucci.
Isabella Blow was despondent for several years. After being found on a bathroom floor by her sister, she was rushed to the hospital where she told doctors that she had drunk Paraquat, a weed killer. She died the next day.
It was sad to think that the world just lost a fashion superstar. He was named British Fashion Designer of the Year four times.
We can offer our prayers for this fashion genius young man.
We’re still waiting for updates about the real reason for Alexander McQueen’s suicide. Wait for more updates here at BuzzyBloggers.
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