Gabe Lan's Hello Kitty shopping spree earns him a VIP membership

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @

Fashion F4's Gabe Lan Jun Tian grew up among a group of girls; besides his mother, he also has 3 younger sisters, the youngest only 8 years old. The three sisters always do as they're told so whatever they ask for, he will fulfill. His youngest sister loves Hello Kitty so putting aside their differences in taste, he will go to the pink-filled Hello Kitty stores to buy her merchandise there. He has spent so much there, that he is now a VIP member.

Gabe loves to collect Superman, Batman and other cartoon superhero merchandise but for his little sister, he will disregard his masculine side and go into a store to buy her a Hello Kitty cake. When he went overseas, he even spent $NT5000 on a Hello Kitty suitcase. His little sister and father live in Hong Kong, he smiled saying, "She's always happiest when she sees me because I don't fuss over her but I'll also have gifts for her when we see each other."

Because his little sister is so young, Gabe loves her the most, "I'll buy her anything she wants and even help her with her homework." At university, Gabe studied 3D animation and once, his sister had to hand in a picture as homework and after nagging him over the phone, he drew her a picture of Alice [T/N: from Alice in Wonderland..?]. When their family met Korean star Rain in Las Vegas, he also helped his sister get an autograph; as long as his sister wants it, he'll do anything for her.

Besides this, his eldest younger sister is doing business in Shanghai and Gabe helped her develop the designs for her products while his second younger sister is studying in Vancouver. It's very difficult for the family to see each other but Gabe is always thinking about his 3 younger sisters

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