Wu Chun goes back to see his wife in Brunei

The busy star finally gets some time off from promoting the new movie 14 Blades across Asia. Wu Chun is back in Brunei to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family. The first thing he did following his return was to take care of his “wife” – a Lamborghini that cost over 10 million (NTD). He spent eight hours to wash the car, perform maintenance and even give it a wax treatment all by himself. With his 3rd gym set to open in June, Wu Chun is estimated to be worth over 100 million after four short years in show business.

The black/grey Lamborghini was purchased by him as a birthday gift for himself last year. Wu Chun said the car is priced at 15 million in Taiwan, but only 9 million in Brunei. Since it was his birthday gift, he even spent another 30k to bid a license plate with the numbers “1010” to match his birthday (October 10th).

Wu Chun said, “This car looks like a batmobile, it can reach a speed of 300 km/h. I like the sense of speed and excitement. The sound of its engine is very rich, so I don’t listen to music when I drive and listen to the engine instead. I’m rarely home so the car only gets driven several times a year. My brother gets to drive it mostly, so he’s very lucky.” For that reason, Wu Chun would drive the car to attend radio shows when he is in Brunei. He has even taken a picture with it in front of the mosque.

Wu Chun took time to wax his car on the eve of the Chinese New Year. He said, “I wash and maintain the car myself. There are seven steps in total and it takes eight hours to complete. The wax was especially ordered from the US.” He treats his car like a family treasure with love and care. Even his family and friends would tease him, “You really love your car like it is your wife.”

After debuting four years ago, Wu Chun now has a 10-million sport car and a 3rd gym set to open soon. His movie 14 Blades has made over 100 million worldwide. With his career on the rise, he is estimated to be worth over 100 million. However, Wu Chun remains humble, “I have a strong urge to breakthrough this year. The first two years were more like experimentation. The past two years (gave me) a sense of achievement and made me feel that I can do better. In addition to studying dance and acting this year, I will do more in charities and community events to make use of my influence as an artist.”

Source: Liberty Times


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