Rainie Yang is waiting for love

Source: China Times
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As a result of her older sister's marriage, Rainie has a new outlook on love, with her mother beginning to demand, "When are you going to give me a grandchild?" She revealed that her ideal partner needs to be constant, and her real life situation is the same as her famed love song "Ambiguous Love", based on the line "Ambiguous love makes people more greedy."

During her CD release last year, she had expressed, "I want to receive a new years text from a certain someone." In the new issue of Times Weekly, she once again revealed her wish for love, but because of her rationality any starts had no ends. "Even if it becomes likely again, I still feel that it will never work out. I think that this reasoning stems from the lack of security."

She is a self-proclaimed shallow person. "Although I will not fall hard in a relationship, that doesn't mean I don't have a good heart. It means that in comparison, I would rather be shot dead with one bullet than slowly choked to death." Most girls love hearing their boyfriends say "I love you", but Rainie dislikes it. "Previous boyfriends would say, 'We will be together for a lifetime.' Although my heart is happy, my rationale will quickly pop into my head and say, 'Will we really be that in love?'"

This kind of unique state of mind differentiates her from other 25 year old women hoping for love, even when posing for Chanel and Fendi's Spring/Summer Line, she chooses poses of high difficulty. In one pose, she holds a high heel in one hand, showing her classiness and recklessness. She also arches her back, which although easy for professional models, it is seldom seen in shoots with other female celebrities.

She wears a pink silk Chanel camellia printed dress, which features a small butterfly knot on the side to show off her womanly aura. On her other dress, which is composed of a tweed material, there are Art Deco designs on the top, giving it the feeling that there are two sections to her outfit. Before Rainie, no artist had ever worn the Fendi beaded geometric patterned top and white 3D lily-shaped skirt. The top is almost transparent, which is luckily covered by her long hair, added on with her arched back pose surrounded by outstretched arms, Rainie pulls off this look beautifully.

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