Fitness Zone eyes presence in China, HK, Taiwan: Wu Chun

FITNESS Zone’s new branch in Serusop is expected to be opened by the middle of the year as the gym’s owner Goh Kiat Chun, better known by his celebrity name Wu Chun, yesterday said the fitness centre is also eyeing opening outlets overseas within the next five years.

During an interview with The Brunei Times, Wu said that he hopes to open a branch overseas and is looking at China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“There have already been talks … so I really hope that will work out. There might even be a possibility that Fitness Zone opens in Singapore, say for example, if someone wants to use the brand name. We can cooperate with them and work something out,” said the Bruneian-born movie-star who is back for the Chinese New Year holidays after a long week of promoting his new film “14 Blades”.

He said that if there were two or three branches running smoothly in Brunei, it would already be a huge achievement because the market is quite small.

“With that said, education for members is important. I want to make our instructors prepared to give talks in schools and invite students over to slowly teach them the importance of fitness. If someone likes sports, it usually has to start from young. We want to start from the grassroots and inculcate the habit, so that will be part of our plan in the next five years,” he explained.

Fitness Zone is also collaborating with a Bruneian dance group called Next Element.

“We are helping them to push their classes and provide them facilities while they help us teach members. In Taiwan, I see a lot of dancers and they (Next Element dancers) do not pale in comparison. They’re really good and a lot of the younger generation enjoy dancing now, so that’s something we’re happy to introduce,” Wu said.

He said that the gym will also be constantly updating their classes every time trainers are sent overseas.

Wu said Fitness Zone instructors will hold new classes once they come back.

He also cited the gym’s outdoor activities in the pipeline. “Biking, hiking and maybe a boot camp of sorts. So we are not just indoors all the time but going outdoors as well,” he said.

Serusop’s branch will be the gym’s third branch since its opening in 2003 at The Mall in Gadong.

Wu said that Serusop will be similar as the Kiulap branch but without a basketball court. However, it will feature a different atmosphere and environment so customers have a choice.

The Brunei Times

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