I Don’t Want to Be a Prince Anymore Wu Chun

Fahrenheit Wu Chun

Before the interview heard the night before Wu Chun returned from the mainland, this month he only has 5 days to stop in Taiwan, the rest of the time will be in the mainland flying around, I would think he’s seen a lot of different sceneries, but he said he’s mainly spent most of the time practicing at the set, after the performance he has to leave immediately to other cities. Today its also an early interview job, worried that his body will not able to digest, but he said because he over worked earlier, he slept deeply the night before once he returned home, now his energy is looking pretty good, but in his speech you can hear some tiredness. It’s been 5 years since he’s entered the industry, even though he misses home he is now used to the busyness from one place to another, then to awake in an unfamiliar city, though he does not get bed sick of his own bed, he does sleep more in peace in his own home. But any corner with a Chinese world, there still too many fans waiting for him to appear, not able to stay in each area too long, flying closely with the itinerary, his distressed fans are starting to call him “Super Man”.

Hearing of this, Wu Chun exposed a smile; he excitedly said since young he has always loved heroes and super man, likes to help others, the feeling of making others happy. Just like in the movies like superman, his appearance has also included screams, but he doesn’t have to wear the little red pants to hold up the fallen buildings or to catch a falling woman, he only needs to smile, then he’ll save all those that have waiting. But to be “Super Man” it’s not easy; any time any where there could be emergencies, this title is more like expectations, not only to satisfy the waiting fans, he also has many things he wants to do, perform in movies and idol dramas, produce albums as well in the future to get into publication, with his highly balanced flight to fulfill the job, and in such a state of tension, he actually said he’s satisfied.

Transformation to Super Man

In the past, he was the young son attached to home, after high school graduation he was sent to Australia to study, but due to home sick he returned to Brunei himself, despite his mother missing him, still wanted him to return to school to be responsible and independent. He used 1 year’s time to adjust his mood then returned toAustralia to finish his studies, after graduation he suddenly found out the news that his mother had cancer, quickly returned to his homeland, during his mother’s illness he saw how life was gradually draining, the feeling of hopelessness, has changed his attitude towards life, “I was really afraid when my mother had to leave, I can imagine if I had to die today, would be really afraid and not know where to go, her leaving has left me the that feeling of her fear. So I’ve become more daring, at worst death, the most is just to fail only.”

Translated by Cmiley @ http://asianfanatics.net
Source: UDN Magazine

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